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Why we need a Sales Process

    Most companies have something like a sales process in place, but may not have taken time to document it, create supporting collateral for it, train around it and ensure everyone is executing the same process.

    A successful sales process is a proven, documented sales approach with messaging and aids that symbolise your best model for gaining, penetrating and retaining accounts.

    Salespeople are born, they’re not created” is something we hear quite often, and whilst some aspects of selling can appear natural to some and atypical to others, e.g. one salesperson may excel at the ‘closing’ stage, but incapable of generating the initial lead.

    In reality, the most successful companies view the sales process as something that can be measured, trained and improved.

    The sales process  is the backbone for customer interactions any company is going to have. The sales process should be the step by step methodology for the sales team to follow through-out those customer interactions

    • to guide them through identification of customer needs
    • selecting the best offering for those customers
    • articulating and proving the value that the customer will get from those offerings
    • reinforcing that value to the customer

    The key to a successful sales process is to make sure it’s aligned with the customers’ buying process and ensure that top salespeople are engaged in the development of the sales process.

    We offer workshop-based training sessions to guide you through the preparation, creation and implementation of a winning sales process. A truly collaborative approach is required on these sessions, as you are the experts on your products, customer’s and their buying behaviour.

    Advanced Presentation Skills

    Want to enhance and improve your ability to deliver highly effective and professional presentations?

    Audiences, whether large or small, now expect high quality professional performances and key decisions are often made as a result of such presentations. Sales people, are often judged (wrongly/ rightly) on their presentation skills, a quality presentation builds respect and trust.

    Our advanced presentation skills workshop provides the tools and techniques to achieve top-level performance in your presentations.

    Full participation is expected on these workshops. You will learn how to produce and deliver impactful and professional presentations that will convince your audience of your desired call to action.

    What you will learn:

    • How to structure your presentation to deliver your key message
    • How to design and use visual aids to support your message
    • How to pre-empt questions/ obstacles to your key message being received
    • How to deliver powerful openings and endings
    • How to keep audience attention throughout the presentation
    • How to manage pre-presentation nerves and anxiety