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Product Demonstrators


When potential customers are unsure whether to buy a product or service, a demonstration can have a major impact. Good product demonstrators are able to explain the benefits of a product, how to use it, and the impact it can have on your life- this makes the public more likely to make a purchase, driving up sales. Studies have shown that product demonstrations really do increase the likelihood of making a sale- people like the see the product/service they are considering buying in action, essentially trying before they buy. 

Demonstrations are often positioned in high footfall areas where the target audience is likely to pass by. Here at Fulcrum, we have experience supplying product demonstrators across the entire India at a variety of venues; House, shopping centres, exhibition centres, supermarkets, homeware stores, department stores , and garden centres. To read case studies about our previous work, click here.

Anything from floor mops to coffee machines can be demonstrated, as well as services such as computer software. Within our 1500+ strong promo staff network, we have a huge variety of staff skills and experience, and so will be able to find a product demonstrator to best represent your brand and show off your product or service! We have a large number of tech-savvy staff for example, and supply a number of technology brands with tech demonstrators and promo staff– for demonstrators- knowledge and enthusiasm are key!

We supply experienced in-store demo staff to assist with seasonal retail peaks such as Ganesh Festival ( Ganpati), Diwali, Christmas and New Year- when there is increased customer demand and spending power. Our product demonstrators can be booked for temporary assignments throughout the year, as well as more regular demonstration work or one-offs. Christmas demonstrators for example are often booked from mid-November through to New Year.

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Whether you are looking for product demonstrators for an in-store campaign, exhibition, or another promotional event, we can deliver! We currently work with a variety of brands, ranging from technology, homeware, beauty, and everything else in between- so we likely have a skilled and engaging product demonstrator to support your company.


Product demonstrators need to be enthusiastic, engaging, and skilled, but more importantly, they need to suit your brand! We have a thorough selection process where we choose which of our 1500+ staff will suit your company best, and we forward you the profiles of our recommended available personnel for your confirmation before booking them.


We operate a GPS check-in system which requires all of our staff to confirm their attendance on the way to, and on arrival, to each of their shifts. Our office team monitors this GPS check-in system 7 days a week.


We work with our clients to provide all of our product demonstrators with a briefing pack prior to each promotional event; this includes shift times, dress code, company information, and how to answer public FAQs. We follow this up with either phone, video, or face-to-face training, to ensure that our staff is fully prepared.


Our interactive reporting system shows real-time KPIs, allowing our clients to see custom-made charts based upon specific data sets, and view and download all quantitative and qualitative data. Photos and videos of your promotional activity are also readily available.


  Product demonstrations often occur on the weekends, and so we are available to our clients 24/7 and out of office hours. If you have any last-minute adjustments or concerns, someone from Fulcrum is always available to help.


Here at Fulcrum we supply in-store demo staff to work across the India. We supply staff directly to agencies, brands and retailers nationwide. We represent a 1000+ skilled demonstrators across the India and work closely with our clients to ensure that we select staff with the right brand fit, customer service skills, enthusiasm for the product and sales skills. Our portfolio of clients includes global brands, marketing agencies, event production companies, PR agencies and department stores.


We supply experienced product demonstrators, promo staff for in-store activity throughout the India. We have experience of working with the majority of the India’s leading department stores and many high street retailers. We supply technology demonstrators, appliance demonstrators, kitchenware demonstrators, homeware demonstrators, toy demonstrators, haircare demonstrators and electrical demonstrators. Demonstrators can be booked for exhibitions too; 


When potential customers don’t know product or service features or benefits, they can find making buying decisions difficult. Good demonstrators will be able to explain a product or services benefits, which may make buying easier and lead to increased sales. Demonstrators are often positioned in high footfall areas where the target customers pass and can assist with stimulating a purchase. Products can be anything from coffee machines to floor mops. Services can be demonstrated too; for example computer software.


We supply experienced in-store demo staff to assist with seasonal peaks in retail such as Ganesh Festival ( Ganpati), Diwali,,Christmas and Easter. Our in-store demonstrators can be booked for temporary assignments throughout the year.


Here at Fulcrum we supply tech savvy demo staff throughout the India. We have worked with a large number of tech brands supplying technology demonstrators and in-store staff. We represent a number of knowledgeable and enthusiastic specialists that can be booked to work with your tech brand. 

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