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Product Sampling Team

    Product Sampling Staff

    Fulcrum are a highly recommended provider of product sampling staff. We specialise in the implementation of sampling campaigns using our in house sampling team and logistical know-how. We can sample your product throughout a range of Maharashtra wide locations including shopping centers, supermarkets, city centers, train stations and everywhere in between. Sampling is a great way to get your product in to the hands of new and existing customers, letting them experience your brand, place it in the front of their minds and create new loyal consumers.

    our samplers are prepared for all types of sampling activations. Not just handing out a sealed bottle or packet (although we do a lot of that too), our teams can also cook and prepare high quality samples to showcase your product.

    Our product sampling staff are used to working in a variety of consumer locations; as part of an in store product sampling event, within a train station, from a branded sampling vehicle or as part of a large team at sports events, on the high street and even into offices.

    Promotional Staffing

    We know from 8 years of promotional staffing experience that branding helps exponentially during any activity. Helping to visually authenticate sampling staff wherever they are, providing brand visibility during high street activity or when away from a promotional space.

    Branding drives engagement and interaction, helping them distribute samples more effectively. Instant brand recognition is cruicial in high footfall locations like train stations and shopping centres, with sampling activity having the potential to act as a perfect brand activation or experiential activity. 

    Promotional spaces

    Promotional spaces affect sampling activity greatly, developing trust with members of the public and target audience – particularly for newer brands. Premium promotional spaces in locations such as shopping centres and train stations offer guarenteed high footfall for sampling activity – allowing you to reach a specific audience effectively.

    Activity Reporting

    We provide bespoke activity reporting for all exhibition activity that includes consumer and staff feedback, along with quantative and qualatitive data where necessary, whether levels of promotional materials, consumer feedback or data capture.