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Step 1 - Meet

Meetings with our clients are one of the most important aspects of our hiring process. As your business partner, we help you eliminate the risk of making the wrong hiring decision. We are invested in taking the necessary time to understand your corporate culture, your company approach and your requirements. While conducting our meetings with our clients, we ask questions that go beyond a job description, we do this to grasp the hiring manager’s thought process and eventually develop a strong strategic relationship with them. We at Fulcrum HR believe that having a connexion, is one of the keys to having a successful hiring process.

Step 2 - Source & Recruit

Our recruiters are industry specialists with a diverse background. They have large networks of industry professionals and use their networks to find the best candidates on the market. Along with this, we headhunt directly from other employers/competitors on the market. We know the best candidates are actively working- and we work to find them and work our magic from there.

All candidates are telephone screened and then met face to face (in person, or for remote location- video call) prior to being presented to you. We learn about our candidate’s career paths and make sure their career goals are in line with the goals and vision of your organization- to ensure that ideal “Fit”.

Step 3 - Present

We present only the best of the batch we meet, sending forward the most qualified candidates for the position so that you have only final interviews to do and do not need to spend your time meeting people who are not exactly what you are looking for! From there, we can coordinate interviews between the candidates and your team, and conduct any testing, background checks or reference checks on the candidates you prefer for you to revise.

Step 4 - After Hire Services

Just because your recruitment may be done for this position, and the role is filled does not mean this is the end of our relationship! We will remain in contact and make sure that this hire is working out! And if it doesn’t? No problem- we offer a guarantee for that reason. We will regularly check in and if it is not working out- we will begin our search for a replacement- so that you have someone ready to come on board as soon as need be.


Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.