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Sales Force Management

Giving your sales force the attention it deserves.

At Fulcrum, our sales force optimization expertise enables business owners to begin maximizing their sales efforts. We have the unique capability to analyze and improve how your sales force, Sales Force Management goes about its daily work. We’ll help you take a hard look at a number of important factors for lead generation success. This includes an examination of whether you have the right people in the right seats — equipped with the proper tools and game plan — to close the costly and valuable leads being generated by your marketing effort. We then develop recommendations and strategies to help optimize their methods for getting in front of new prospects — and for staying in front of current customers to increase existing business.

Many business owners don’t view the sales function with the same scrutiny as the marketing function. However in many cases, when you add up all the salaries, commissions and expense reports, it is the most expensive lead generation channel an organization has.

Strengthening the sales function.

Sales Force Management

The following are specific ways Fulcrum can help you refine and optimize your sales force for maximum efficiency and results.

Job Descriptions

Fulcrum can help develop distinct roles, job descriptions and specific responsibilities for the members of your sales force — and conduct periodic reviews to ensure people are performing accordingly. Responsibilities are assigned across the sales force in a logical and strategic way. Duplications, overlaps or conflicts that are inhibiting overall sales growth are eliminated. We also ensure your sales force isn’t bogged down with low-paying functions that an admin can handle.

Incentive Structures

Incentive structures need to be aligned with what is truly best for your bottom-line and profitability. Fulcrum can help design a system of incentives to properly motivate your sales force, while maximizing their efforts in a cost-effective way. Additional incentives are also put in place to strengthen daily behavior.

Metrics & Management

Meaningful metrics need to be in place to measure the actual performance of your sales force. Your sales manager must also have the necessary expertise and tools to properly monitor and fine-tune your sales effort. Fulcrum analytical insight improves both the efficiency and impact of your sales function. We do this by instituting a set of exacting criteria for real-world success. This serves as both the roadmap and barometer for your ongoing sales effort.

Marketing Tools & Assets

Your sales force needs the proper marketing tools and assets it will take to close the deal. At Fulcrum, we first look for areas that are particularly deficient. This enables us to identify the tools and assets you should upgrade first, considering your overall need and budget. We also help you to develop the right mission-specific sales presentations to address different audiences.

Targeted Sales Presentations

It’s important to build out customized sales presentations for specific messaging initiatives. Fulcrum is able to create impactful message vehicles that communicate your unique brand story, key points of differentiation and your overall value-add. These presentations can also be leveraged as online webinars, or presented in a live environment for increased immediacy, impact and relevance.

Account Management

Your sales force needs a segmented and prioritized customer database to identify the most promising opportunities for growing your business. Fulcrum’s database segmentation expertise provides a strategic operational foundation. With this in place, we help develop the proper marketing assets, message and outreach strategy for each distinct customer segment in the database. This empowers your sales force with proactive customized solutions to win more business.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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