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in-store promotion

Currently companies are experiencing challenges in recruiting, managing and retaining in-store sales promoters and In-Store Promotion. Fulcrum offers a fully functional outsourcing solution that delivers guaranteed sales results. In turn this creates the opportunity for larger budget allocation to this area of business as well as a greater return on investment (ROI).

Whether your goal is to do a revenue drive, launch a new product or to create a sustainable In–Store sales force,Fulcrum can provide you with an enthusiastic, professional and well trained team of up to 500 brand ambassadors / promoters with extensive sales experience. We train our ambassadors to compliment the customers shopping experience by providing detailed product information and assisting customers in making purchase decisions. We tailor your promotion to deliver the desired brand interaction.

Our in store promotion ambassadors

Our in store promotion ambassadors

Our ambassadors have extensive sales experience and brand awareness.

They are trained to compliment the customers shopping experience. This means providing detailed product information and assist customers in making purchase decisions.

We align their attire and activities with your brand strategy. In addition, we tailor your promotion to deliver the desired brand interaction.

The advantages of in store promotions are:

  • The opportunity to offer sample tastings.
  • Activity at the point of purchase because this is where the buying decision is made.
  • Additionally, face to face communication with consumers that enables education and facilitates feedback.

In store promotions include, but not limited to:

Top End Grocers

Our well-trained promoters are in any of the many of  grocery store nationally, on any given day, educating, offering samples and selling your products.


Wholesale activation are vital for reaching traders and selling high volumes. Using incentives, we run push-pull campaigns that incentivise traders and equip them with collateral for their stores.


Specialty outlets, focusing on personal care products and treatments, require a more intimate engagement with customers.

Independent Retailer

The majority of people shop at thousands of independent retailers throughout the region making these venues indispensable for some in-store promotions.


We specialise in activations at petrol stations nationally engaging motorists and their families inside the convenience stores, outside on the forecourts and even at their cars.


We activate in any mall in india with exciting and innovative setups. Our vibrant, energetic promoters are trained to engage as well as educate and sell products.


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