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Brand Promotion Services

Our Brand Promotion Services and Activations team demonstrate the key selling points of your product/service, engaging directly with the customer and making your brand the preferred choice

We’ve all experienced the overwhelming effect of being confronted by different brands and products, of not knowing what to buy or try, of too much information on labels/literature and too little time to take it all in and make a decision. So we do nothing…As our promoters  are experienced in brand promotion services they cut through all of this, understand each customer’s needs and explain which of your products/services can best meet them. Saving time, effort and making sales happen – for you!

Promotions and Activations
Product demonstrations are an essential tool to increase the impact and sell-through of products in today’s information-cluttered world. But to work, they must be planned and focused! Before we engage in a promotion or campaign, we pre-plan and focus on target-specific demographics based on product research, competitive evaluation and our unique geo-mapping services.

We keep you informed

Our promoters are trained to solicit information from customers and prospective customers, ensuring you get meaningful feedback on your brand and promotions. This feedback loop enables in-store campaigns and promotions to be constantly optimised to achieve the best results.


Demonstrate and provide information on promoted products or services.


Create a positive image and lead consumers to purchase or use it.


Engage with customers, distribute product samples, brochures, flyers etc, to source new sales opportunities.


Identify interest and understand customer needs and requirements.


Set up booths or promotional stands and stock products.


Report on field-intelligence information (interest level, questions asked, brand perception, number of samples/flyers distributed etc).

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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