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Brand Promotions

We Grow Brands. Fast.

Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation

We know that you need an expert Brand Promotions Agency behind you; we get it! That’s why we designed everything we do around growing your brand. View our work to find out what we can do for you!

Fulcrum is a full-service marketing agency leveraging a Brand Promotion and Traditional Marketing mix to accelerate your brand’s growth. Our name is a union of “Fulcrum” and “Resources.” We elevate all of the events that take place in your business including increasing Events, reducing friction from your commerce checkout process, and helping you throughout the entire marketing ecosystem.

Increase your reach with our local field team, mall, and society . We’re your brand development catalyst for everything on the ground  events , and far beyond!

What We Do

Think of us as a growth partner, outsourced marketing department, and brand development . We accomplish this by developing your marketing systems and processes, elevating visual design, and improving your customer’s overall brand experience. We are full-service brand promotion, sales promotion, marketing and advertising experts, always building a unique matrix for every client. Everything we do is custom-tailored to each client’s budget, timing, and growth goals.

Our marketing teams assist with planning and activation of everything from one-off projects, all the way through completely turnkey agency support.

Our experiential marketing programs focus on connecting people with products and services; having years of experience in designing Road Tours, Pop-Up Shops, Corporate Events, Brand Ambassador Street Teams, Society, Mall, Super Market etc., we will ensure that your program breaks through in a unique and powerful way!

We grow our clients’ business by building brands.

Design, Develop or Activate Your Brand Promotions

Planning ======= Activation =======Reporting

 We are making possible to produce quality creative visual ad for small businesses , Startup Company and Large company , under your budget.

Constantly trying to pull in new buyers can cost 6x more than marketing towards repeat purchasers and creating loyalty. Promotion can increase awareness, motivate consumers, leverage outside business relationships, creates new partnerships for your business, develop new business to business (B2B) opportunities, and generate interest from current and new target audiences. Talk to us about:

• Development and management of promotions and promotional programs

• Focus on bringing in new customers and developing them into repeat buyers.

• Full planning, budgeting and implementation service

Getting your Brand noticed by the right People at the right Time

Plan your campaign now

Choose your Favorite Location

Our locations team has pulled together inspiring location collections. So you can search for brand activation space seasonally or thematically.

Search, option and book the perfect brand activation location. With real-time availability, demographics, and direct contact with landlords.

we offer a complete range of services that are designed to raise the profile of your brand, product or service. Whether you hire us to help with strategy, tactics and planning, or you simply need help on a contract basis, we go above and beyond to deliver the representation and exposure your business deserves.

Our promotional team have years of combined experience, and we know what it takes to get to the very heart of your brand and represent you in the best way possible. From live sporting events and shopping centres, to setting up exhibition stands and staffing them, we’ll spread the word about your latest service or product launch and get people excited, engaged and ready to do business.

We work directly with a variety of venues nationwide, so not only can we advise you on the perfect space for your promotion but we can also hire all promotional space and take care of the paperwork so you don’t have to.

We have expertise in hundreds of locations across the India including nationwide mainline stations, Residential Society, shopping centres, pop up shops, School/College, Hospitals, Corporate and IT park airports and key attractions; you just need to tell us your brief and we can provide you with a location that will reach your target market at the right time. We also have experience working internationally, so if you would like to carry out your promotion in another country but don’t know where to start then we would be happy to help.

Residential Society

Residential Society
Rural Marketing- Rural Area
Door to Door Promotion Activity
Festivals (  In Pandal And Home )

Public Shopping Area

Retail Store
Shopping Event

Open Market Exhibition

Corporate And Business

IT park
Corporate Park
Business Park
Industrial areas

Public Place


Public Transport

Railway Stations
Bus Stops
Toll Plaza
Petrol Pump
Mobile VAN activity
Auto Rickshaw

Staffing & Training

We specialize in talent acquisition and training programs that find us the best brand ambassadors, promotional models, presenters, or logistics personnel in each market we activate. We also provide group rates on multi-market brand Promotion programs.

Collateral & Media

With every activation, comes an opportunity for distribution, sampling, and extending the brand messages to the masses. With a full in-house creative division, we help our clients design and produce everything from giveaways to trade show booths.

Regional & National

Trade show circuits with multiple stops and national sampling programs require an intimate knowledge of in-market logistics. Our teams work directly with venues and staff in each market to keep costs down for our experiential marketing clients.

Experiential Marketing ROI Matters

Our experience in Brand Promotions and Event Marketing will ensure that your team has turnkey support in choosing the perfect date, venue, and promotional mix to drive the traffic and awareness for your products or services. We guarantee the lowest possible prices on venues, staffing, and collateral; driving down the cost of each impression, and increasing ROI. If you’re looking to get creative, then we have the perfect team to assist you in developing an exceptionally innovative marketing platform that will surely garner Press and PR for your brand. Lean on us to make sure your event marketing is done right every time!

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