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Product Launches

About Us and Product Launch Our aim is to be your outsourced Field Sales Partner of choice. We work in partnership with our clients to Product Launch and  activate sales and deliver retail excellence. We do this through empowering our Field Sales teams with clear objectives, sense of purpose and effective technology, and measure our success by evaluating the return on investment. We believe our experience, our sales ability and the detailed processes we have in place ensure we successfully launch new products to the market. Our sector experience and data insights ensure we are calling on the right outlets to maximise return on investment during the critical launch phase. We have proven experience in launching challenger brands to the market along with well-established range extensions and completely new products. We believe Fulcrum is the field marketing agency best suited to owning the responsibility of launching your new product – why not give us a call to find out if we can help you?

Product Launch and Distribution Drives

Fulcrum are experts in the field marketing arena when it comes to driving distribution of a new product launch and extending the distribution of well-established brands. Our experience is considerable both in the impulse/convenience and grocery channels and we are fully conversant in delivering a brand story to instil longevity for a brand.

Our Process

At the start of a project, we collaborate closely with you to gather as much information as we can through: research, staff interviews, customer interviews, ideation sessions with your team, analysis of existing network, collection of existing brand standards and collateral, etc. We aim to achieve an intimate understanding of your company, your brand, your mission, and your desired message.


Our collection of information helps us shape our approach. With thorough understanding of brand and mission, we uncover the story to be told that will attract customers and differentiate from the competition. We define the challenges, goals and opportunities and share concepts that address these with the client to determine a direction.

Taking the determined direction, we tighten the concept, develop the components in detail, create prototypes, review samples, and make sure all needs are addressed. We check in with you every step of the way until all design and materials are approved.

We work closely with our subcontractors to ensure that the product is of best quality and delivered on time in a professional manner. We work with your staff to familiarize them with the tools created to make their jobs easier. Once installed, we evaluate performance and, if necessary, make adjustments and explore ideas for program enhancements going forward.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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