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Market Research

Work with Clients Who Believe Research Strengthens Decision-making.

We offer a full suite of state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative research techniques, as well as custom-designed methodologies.
We offer both B2B and B2C research to our clients with quality assurance practices that exceed industry standards while maintaining a competitive pricing structure.
Fulcrum has grown to be one of the largest research companies in India, supporting multiple methodologies for small organizations to large corporations all over the India.

our purpose is to find hidden insights and market opportunities for our clients. We do this through a unique combination of research and psychology – using statistics and emotion to explain human behaviour.

-Clearly defining and understanding our clients’ research needs
-Using the most innovative and powerful research techniques
-Employing precise, powerful, and often unique analytical techniques
-Providing interactive tools so the client can manage the results themselves
-Presenting accessible results in a highly visual and engaging manner
-Providing superior, actionable insights

Step 1

Review your specific goals and design a customized approach.

Step 2

Prepare the necessary research instruments and materials.

Step 3

Execute the research and manage all aspects of fielding or data collection.

Step 4

Prepare a comprehensive report that summarizes and analyzes the results.

Step 5

Present our findings and recommendations to all key stakeholders.

Methodologies that analyze attitudes and behaviour across all modes of decision-making.


Opportunities start with facts. That’s why we use quantitative market research and advanced statistics to understand market trends and consumer behaviour.


Getting an accurate understanding of human behaviour is critical to decision-making. To ensure our market research studies are accurate we design them with construct, predictive, and discriminant validity in mind, drawing upon validated measures for factual accuracy and making sure that findings correspond with real-world behaviours.
We also like to consider the user experience in our market research, paying careful attention to design features and aesthetics that make participating in our studies is easy, intuitive, and in line with how information is processed on a neurocognitive level

We provide quantitative and qualitative research that includes project design, data collection and reporting using telephone surveys (with our multilingual call centre staff), online surveys, focus groups (on-site and online), mail surveys, personal interviews, mall intercept and exit surveys.

Our primary quantitative data collection methods include Web survey interviewing (CAWI), and person-to-person interviews (CAPI). Our firm specializes in the person-to-person live telephone interview method (CATI) using multi-lingual callers. In addition, our team of researchers has completed hundreds of qualitative studies in traditional focus group settings, town hall forums and using the online interactive session approach.


When the research is exploratory in nature and intended to gain an in-depth understanding of individual experiences or perceptions.

In-depth interviews
Mystery shopping
In-person focus groups
In-store focus groups
Virtual focus groups
Online communities


When the research has clearly defined parameters and is intended to quantify opinons and behaviours among a large sample size.

Online surveys
Phone surveys
Mobile surveys
In-person or on-site surveys
Surveys among client databases

We believe that data should be used to tell a story,

We also know that storytelling can help facilitate understanding

Consumer Research

Our consumer studies are fully customized according to our clients’ needs and industries. We are responsible for every stage in the process, but actively seek client feedback and approvals throughout.

Consumer research is the primary focus of our company, and it accounts for the majority of the studies that we have done to date.

We are familiar with the intricacies of more than twenty different consumer-facing industries, and we have used our expertise in consumer behaviour to help a wide range of clients refine their business strategies and grow their sales.



– Customer journey
– Usage and shopping habits
– Key buying criteria
– Brand perceptions
– Psychographic segments
– Optimal target markets
– Drivers/barriers of purchase
– Ideas for improvement


– Advertising campaigns
– Brand positionings
– Packaging designs
– Slogans and logos
– Optimal price points
– New products or services


– Brand equity
– Loyalty & satisfaction
– Market share
– Performance of an ad campaign

B2B Research

Our B2B research studies are fully customized according to our clients’ needs and the specifics of their target markets. We are responsible for every stage in the process, but actively seek client feedback and approvals throughout.

In B2B research, a small sample of high-margin clients are usually included in the study. We have conducted studies of this nature for many years, and are familiar with the sensitive and specific steps that should be followed.

When working on behalf of B2B or professional services companies, our studies typically focus on monitoring their clients’ satisfaction levels and better understanding the bidding and selection processes.

– Clients’ selection processes
– Clients’ key decision criteria
– Clients’ brand perceptions
– Optimal target markets
– Opportunities for process improvement
– Drivers/barriers of recommendation
– Best practices and competitive actions


Our Advertising studies are fully customized according to our clients’ needs and the nature of the industry they are working in. We are responsible for every stage in the process, but actively seek agency and client feedback throughout.

We regularly partner with advertising agencies in order to conduct research on behalf of their clients, and we have helped many agencies develop campaigns that stand out and generate positive ROI.

Our advertising research can be conducted at every stage in the process, from early insight gathering to concept evaluations to post-testing a campaign once it has launched.

– Shopping habits and brand perceptions
– Customer journey map
– Key buying criteria
– Competitive positioning
– Drivers/barriers of purchase
– Psychographic segments in the market