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Food and Beverage Sampling

    Get your food and beverage products in front of your target consumers where they work FOOD AND BEVERAGE SAMPLING – One of the best ways to drive brand loyalty, launch a new product or generate product awareness for an existing brand is simple: get people to experience your product using their senses. For more than 10 years,  Event Staffing has helped brands connect with consumers, bringing products directly to consumers.… Read More »Food and Beverage Sampling

    Our Services Traditional and Digital marketing

      We’ve used our expertise in traditional and digital marketing to help clients build their brands and grow their businesses. Advertising We’ll help you create high quality digital, print, radio and tv advertisements to promote your products, services, or causes. Branding We ‘ll help you establish your brands identity ,look and feel and make sure you are positioned to beat the competition Inbound Marketing Our proven inbound marketing techniques will generate… Read More »Our Services Traditional and Digital marketing

      Planning Management

        LFulcrum are a very useful partner to have involved in space realignment or store refitting projects.  We pride ourselves on our extensive, comprehensive store and space data – thanks to our award-winning tablet deployment and locally managed field teams providing real time feedback in stores. Our clients rely on us to maintain store data, keep those records up to date and advise them on space planning and management in retail… Read More »Planning Management

        Mall Marketing

          Mall Marketing Mall marketing is an ideal way to generate brand awareness for our clients and to introduce new products/services to consumers. Customers are already prepared for spending at malls, and tend to allow for more time to learn about our clients’ offerings. Our vibrant promoters relay the vision of our clients and create positive associations with their brand, as well as their products/services. Not only do we do promotions… Read More »Mall Marketing

          Merchandising Audits & Planogram Compliance

            Merchandising Audits & Planogram Compliance Fulcrum maximize the effectiveness of our client’s promotions, displays and fixtures thorough and intelligent auditing and compliance services. Any field marketing campaigns or promotions are only effective if they are correctly and punctually implemented on location.         Fulcrum can audit and enforce compliance by ensuring: Asset walk-ins and in-store execution Correct stock and re-order levels Correct POS or Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU)… Read More »Merchandising Audits & Planogram Compliance

            Our Field Marketing

              Our Field marketing team is a strategy that deploys teams of sales and marketing professionals supporting your brand to make sure you gain the greatest possible presence and can leverage and negotiate competitive advantage directly with retailers, shoppers and consumers: Our success also comes from the way we integrate with our clients. We are  open, honest and genuinely share their enthusiasm for their brands and constantly look at how we… Read More »Our Field Marketing

              Brand Activation Services

                Our Skilled Promotions and Activations Team Demonstrate the Key Selling Points of Your Product/service, Engaging Directly with the Customer and Making Your Brand the Preferred Choice. Brand activations can help companies launch or re-launch brands, leverage new partnerships, and influence new and returning audiences.  They allow consumers to experience a product or service which in turn leaves consumers with a positive impression of the brand. Fulcrum’s charismatic and enthusiastic staff… Read More »Brand Activation Services

                Social Media Marketing Internship

                  Responsibilities and Duties Selected intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include: Manage and maintain the organization’s social media accounts Write and optimize content for social networking accounts such as Twitter and Instagram Post interesting and related stuff regularly Build and execute social media strategy through competitive and audience research Work on product branding Engage in social media profile management Basic knowledge of Graphic Design/ Photo or Video Editing will be a huge plus… Read More »Social Media Marketing Internship

                  POS Displays & Promotional Campaigns

                    Fulcrum can ensure maximal effectiveness of our clients promotional campaigns and POS displays. There are many advantages to working with us: Our teams are managed locally but connected to our central repository via our award winning tablet deployment. This means our team have excellent relationships with the store managers and colleagues and know the local colour. We know the space, know the product and know the people, allowing us to… Read More »POS Displays & Promotional Campaigns

                    Brand Strategy

                      Brand Strategy Planning your brand strategy will involve the following: Need Help Building and Promoting your Brand? Let’s meet and IMMEDIATELY create a positive impact on your brand.By definition, brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive… Read More »Brand Strategy