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How are RWA Activities beneficial?

    RWA Activity i.e. Residential Welfare Association Activity relates to activities that are included in Residential areas. These are the most effective branding strategies when it comes to Marketing. A small-scale gathering of a society and generate publicity can bring awareness about the specific service or product of a business.  There is a major impact of RWA Activities on the advertising & networking to create a pleasant ambience for business operations.

    RWA Activity general includes event for mega level too where-in sales, data collection and promotion of a certain product can all take place together on a single location. These activities help in the promotion of the service among various housing societies through direct contact and word-of-mouth to the possible customers.

    These activities include event that are highlighted through game shows, cultural events, musical events as well as food stalls which in turn helps in grabbing the attention of the patrons and creating a positive response about the service.

    Features of RWA Activities

    • Promoting business or service through direct contact and communication of the public
    • Targeting a specific group of people residing in housing
    • Promotions through live demonstration and canopy activities
    • Encouraging the promotions through create tempting activities or games

    Types of RWA Activities

    • Apartment Notice Board: The Advertisements posters are posted on apartments Notice Board which helps to gather the residents attention and make them aware of the activities.
    • Kiosk: This allows direct interaction with the customers with the help of Stalls/ Canopy.
    • Flyers Distribution: It can be done in two ways. One is directly at doorstep and other is sending flyers through mail, but there is a need to take approval from the society.
    • Banners: Banners are cost effective and it creates instant brand awareness and result in brand recall.
    • Society Events: Marketing Agency in Mumbai can sponsor an Event in a housing society during festivals and special Events.

    How are RWA Activities beneficial?

    What are the benefits of doing RWA Activities?

    1. It helps to target Different Economic Groups which includes different socio-economic groups in efficient way.
    2. It helps to get repetitive customers once they rely on our services.
    3. Once we get the activation in Apartments, it becomes a good platform to promote new brands since the Society size is big.
    4. It creates awareness of the business or service among a society through a smart way
    5. It helps in direct communication and clearing the doubts if any.
    6. The RWA Activities also help in establishing direct contact and getting more sponsorships for the business
    7. The platform allows direct involvement of the customers, which helps them to understand the benefits of the service. The best part of this promotional program is to help a business in taking feedbacks and improve the service.


    Extra-circular engagements come very handy when it comes to value addition engagements. As most of the RWA are about family and full of children, any engagement which is kids driven receive good response. When Marketing Agency in Mumbai does engagement in a useful and meaningful, then you always have a chance to present it in a exclusive and unique way.

    Online Registrations are the best choice as it not only helps in knowing the active participants in advance but also helps to fetch their data in the correct way. The registered participants can be reminded about the event in advance and it’s easy to coordinate and follow up. Online registration, pictures upload, Facebook likes, experience rating, information share, e-certificate are all can be integrated into RWA.

    Reflecting the brand through any of the extra-circular activities can be done by customizing the activities as per the brand and it’s product in an art form.

    It’s always good to collect data post every RWA engagement. This includes all the photos, customer feedback and database. Thank customer from the brand about the activity participation and working in future.