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Improve Your Sales Force

    Evaluate Your Sales Effectiveness

    Identify and resolve weaknesses and skill gaps limiting your sales performance.

    Can You Improve Your Sales Force?

    A good sales team is the backbone of any organization. A successful team brings in leads, nurtures prospects, and ensures those prospects convert into paying customers. But how effective is your sales force? With a comprehensive sales evaluation, Fulcrum can help you identify uncover skill gaps and discover opportunities for future growth. With data-driven insights and science-based sales staff assessment tools, we help you create a sustainable, high-performance sales culture that keeps delivering next-level results year over year.

    Benefits of a Sales Force Evaluation

    • Identify immediate opportunities to generate new business and accelerate growth
    • Identify motivators and learn how to keep reps driven to perform.
    • Establish the perfect candidate profile and hiring criteria for your unique sales environment.
    • Create a high-performance sales culture with a clear picture of what it will take to improve your people, processes, and systems.

    Help Your Sales Team Reach Their Full Potential

    We use the Objective Media Group (OMG) Sales Effectiveness And Improvement Analysis (SEIA) for sales assessment. This method has been used to evaluate over 1 million sales people with great success. Through this comprehensive evaluation, we can help you examine your team at all levels—from management and hiring resources to individual members and overall productivity. Let us help you build a winning sales team!

    • Identify Key Areas of Improvement

      We offer sales assessments to identify and remediate collective and individual skill gaps. Our analysis delves into the attributes and traits that are required to overcome common sales performance problems and challenges unique to your organization.

    • Develop Leading Sales Talent

      Our assessments allow organizations to pick top performers and gain insights into what makes them the best candidates for the job. Such accuracy in determining the right sales talent can be key for organizations looking to develop and nurture future sales leaders.

    • Refine Your Hiring Strategy

      Without an ideal candidate profile, organizations are more likely to hire the wrong employees. With a thorough assessment of your team’s needs, we can help you profile and recruit ideal sales candidates—with up to 95% hiring success.

    • Train For Success

      Through our comprehensive analysis techniques, you can identify key areas for improvement. We can then deliver targeted training and sales tools to eliminate weaknesses and empower your team to succeed.

    Proven Results to Accelerate Your Sales

    Our goal is to deliver quality professional services to our clients, while earning confidence through the proper assignment of people.  This alignment of people and companies allows us to create opportunity.

    Creating opportunities begins by gaining a complete understanding of what makes each company and candidate unique.  This is accomplished by working with and listening to the client team and by conducting thorough interviews and skill evaluations with our candidates.  Using this knowledge, Advantage Resourcing is able to provide tailored workforce solutions and qualified Talent that are the right fit for each company.