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    Your indispensable executive assistant just gave notice. You need an office manager who is organized and diplomatic. You don’t have enough data entry specialists to keep up with e-commerce orders. Don’t worry—Fulcrum can help.

    Whether you’re looking for a permanent addition to your staff or temporary talent to help with a special project or seasonal spike, Fulcrum delivers office savvy people who can boost your efficiency. We’ve been matching great administrative and clerical talent with great companies for more than 60 years.

    At Fulcrum, we understand every business is unique, that’s why we offer custom workforce solutions to meet your administrative and clerical needs, including:


    Finding talented, well-qualified employees who are the best long-term fit for your company requires considerable time and financial investment. Free up your internal resources and leave the search to us. Fulcrum has the knowledge, resources and expertise to quickly identify the best-fit candidates for your company. By engaging us, you and your colleagues can focus on other aspects of your business. Want to know more? Read: MEETING DIRECT HIRING NEEDS WITH A STAFFING FIRM.


    Fulcrum actively recruits candidates who are seeking direct hire positions with our clients. When it’s time to expand your workforce, Fulcrum makes it easy to evaluate promising candidates in a temporary capacity before making a final hiring decision. To learn more about the benefits of this approach, read WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW A TEMP-TO-HIRE MODEL.


    Today, there can be many strategic benefits to leveraging temporary rather than full-time employees—most notably, significant cost savings. To learn more about flexible staffing, read THE COST OF TEMPORARY STAFFING VS. THE COST OF FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES.

    Whether you need one person or an entire team of star performers, additional manpower at one location or multiple locations in several states, Fulcrum is your trusted resource for candidates who can hit the ground running. We can even manage your flexible staffing plan to save you time and money.