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Seller Acquisition Agency in Ahmedabad

Our Seller Acquisition Agency in Ahmadabad and Merchant Acquisition Agency in Ahmadabad can assist you with identifying seller and merchant within several market types, including product seller and services provider.

Fulcrum is here when you are ready to expand your business or realign company resources. Whether buying or selling, we can help you successfully navigate through the acquisition process. Our team has more than one billion hours of managed fieldwork and on ground work experience and more than 10 years of experience working with  across industries. In short, we know a lot of on ground work people, which is an invaluable resource in any industry. Looking to buy or sell? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ll connect you with the acquisition partners that make sense for your business.

Seller acquisition through field sales teams and tele calling team is the most effective and cost efficient way to build up sellers on an e-commerce platform. The client wanted to drive seller acquisition for its e-commerce portal through Fieldwork and the scope of work included:

  • Cold-calling prospective sellers
  • Identifying, qualifying, acquiring and growing high-potential sellers through the proper acquisition channels
  • Tracking metrics for recording the success and quality of the seller recruitment effort
  • Planning of target cities, markets and categories
  • Field teams hiring, training and operations management
  • End-to-end seller onboarding and reporting to client

Are You Interested in Acquiring a Seller or Merchant?

 our Seller Acquisition Services and Merchant Acquisition Services can assist you with identifying seller and merchant within several market types, including product seller and services provider. Tell us what type of asset class you are interested in purchasing. We will use our extensive network to find a seller that meets your specifications.

We offer services beginning with valuation of the online market, the preparation of a marketing plan and marketing documents. We want to minimize disruption to your usual business routine and distraction from your responsibilities to the smooth operation of the business during the Seller Acquisition or Merchant Registration process.

We are directly involved in the start-up process of a new company specializing in bulk seller and merchant registration and, as a result, our knowledge and fieldwork area is not limited to marketing area of the business. Through our relationships within the industry, Fulcrum is well suited to bring quality merchants to your E-commerce portal and App.

Our Merchant or Seller Acquisition Services include:

  • Seller Acquisition Services
  • Merchant Registration Services
  • Merchant sourcing
  • Merchant account activation
  • Selling of complementary products
  • Your Brand Promotions
  • Merchant training
  • Help meet your marketing goals by calling

About Ahmedabad

Once known as the Manchester of the East for its flourishing textile industry, Ahmedabad is a rapidly growing metropolitan city. Its located to the West of India, in the state of Gujarat. Lying on the banks of the historic river Sabarmati, its the seventh largest metropolitan area and the fifth largest city in India.

Ahmedabad real estate, as a sector, is an investors market. Among the several real estate projects lined up in the near future, Ahmedabad will see the towering presence of 22-storeyed residential skyscrapers in the coming year.

Despite the significant number of modern infrastructure projects approved for the city, Ahmedabad still retains the old world charm. Thanks to its rich historical heritage, the city still hosts traditional Persian architecture. The Ahmedabad real estate landscape, therefore, is a melting pot of the old and new.

Stats And Facts

  • Going by the provisional reports of Census India 2011, the population of Ahmedabad, as of 2011, stands at 5,570,585. The urban/metropolitan population, on the other hand, is 6,352,254.
  • The sex ratio for Ahmedabad is 897 per 1000 males. Child sex ratio is 853 per 1000 boys. In comparison, the sex ratio of the country is 940 per 1000 males and the child sex ratio is 914 per 1000 boys, according to the Population Census of 2011.
  • The average literacy rate is 89.62%. The male and female literacy rates are 93.96% and 84.81% respectively.
  • Of all the cities that have a population exceeding 1 million, Ahmedabad has the lowest crime rate. For that reason among others, the Times of India ranked Ahmedabad as the best city to live, in 2012. In the same year, the market research firm IMRB called it the best mega-city. Ahmedabad was rated as the fastest growing city in India, by the Forbes magazine. In the year 2010, Forbes magazine featured an article that ranked Ahmedabad third in the list of next decades fastest growing cities in the world.
  • With the river Sabarmati having played such a crucial role in molding the city past and present, the Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has initiated the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project. Its aimed at improving the environment conditions in the region and providing slum rehabilitation for the slum dwellers living at the river bank.

The Industrial Sector

  • Ahmedabad is a strong industrial base for sectors like textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and drugs, and agro and food processing industries.
  • The district of Ahmedabad contributes up to 60% of the total industrial productivity.
  • Arvind Mills, the world-famous company that processes denim for jeans globally, and Ashima Group, Indias leading 100% cotton fabric manufacturers, are situated in the city.
  • Besides the textile industry, Ahmedabad has a thriving pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry. Torrent Pharmaceuticals and Zydus Cadila, two of the biggest Indian pharmaceutical companies, are situated here.
  • The corporate headquarters of the detergent and chemical manufacturer, Nirma Group and the leading export trading company in India, Adani Group are situated in the city.


  • The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is situated only 15 km from the city center. From the railway station, the airport is situated just 8 km away.
  • One of the six operating divisions of the Western Railway, Ahmedabad connects to other major cities and all towns in Gujarat. The city main terminus is the Ahmedabad Railway Station, locally called the Kalupur Station.
  • The National Highway 8 connects Ahmedabad to Mumbai, Delhi and Gandhinagar. National Expressway 1, which is a part of the Golden Quadrilateral project, connects Ahmedabad to Vadodara.
  • The AMTS (Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service) and the BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) buses form the network of public transport in Ahmedabad. The bus service is in operation from 6am to 11pm every day.
  • Presently, AMTS has 750 buses in operation.
  • The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy awarded BRTC with the Sustainable Transport Award in 2010 for reducing carbon emissions and making the service more accessible to the residents.