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Consumer perceptions of your product, service or brand is directly affected by person-to-person interaction. 


Consumer perceptions of your product, service or brand is directly affected by person-to-person interaction. Consumers expect a “live experience” and organisations that utilise this approach set themselves apart from their competitors which in turn benefits their bottom line.

Making use of Fulcrum Recruitment’s Field Marketing service will positively impact consumer demand through professional experiential marketing and allows you to take control of the way your business is presented while also building an understanding of the way in which consumers engage.

Our expertise and competitive edge in this field as well as our focus on the needs of our clients makes Fulcrum Recruitment the natural choice to not only fulfill all your organisation’s day-to-day staffing requirements but also to provide project-based or long-term field marketing support.

Our Field Marketing service offering – comprising sales agents, field marketers, branding and merchandising agents and promotional teams – allows businesses to take control of the way their brand is presented and build an understanding of the way consumers engage through the deployment of live field agents who engage with customers for projects such as launching a new product or service, sales or development.

Depending on the requirement of the client, we offer either project-based or long-term support. Our Strategic/Contract option offers ongoing field support over an extended period of time where the requirement is to maintain standards and build upon display or fixture options, whereas our Tactical option is generally a once-off campaign that either supports a product launch, promotion or seasonal activity where merchandising is not required on an ongoing basis.

Our Field Marketing service includes:

  • Sales Agents – in retail stores, banking branches, non-office based operations;
  • Field Marketers – brand and product optimisation on behalf of our clients at all their outlets and/or points of sale;
  • Branding and Merchandising Agents – in any environment to do on-site branding and merchandising of behalf of our client;
  • Promotional Teams – in any environment to provide promotional services on behalf of our existing client base and use our    staff database to procure and deploy the necessary resources. Our in-store promotional services include product sampling,    product demonstrations, active selling and leafleting events.
  • Discuss and understand their culture, goals and vision;
  • Workshop the profile of staff they require, the training we are able to provide and the roll out of their projects; and
  • Negotiate and customise our services to achieve the goals of our clients.
  • The recruitment of Field Based Staff in line with the parameters set by the client.
  • Training of all newly appointed staff in terms of client specific requirements.
  • Oversee complete operations of the account.
  • Procurement of relevant hardware and administration of systems in order to effectively manage communication, reporting, record keeping and client relationships
  • Facilitation of staff development and training.
  • Consistent tracking and compliance; and
  • Management of client relationships; and
  • Adherence to Contract Deliverables and SLA’s.
  • Real time reporting and management of all outputs.
  • Customised costing model with Risk and Reward options.
  • Customised innovative and flexible solutions.
  • Ease of scalability.
    • Internal team learn from our experts.
    • Reduction in client’s lead time between deciding to engage in field marketing and having a team in place to carry out the vision.
    • Sidestep the need to hire in-house and reduce costs relating to recruitment, training, office space and benefits.
    • Ability to expand or contract team sizes as required.
    • Neutral Feedback – Fulcrum Recruitment helps clients better understand how their staff and customers view their brand and    experience their products. This is done through the delivery of unbiased data gathered directly from them both;
    • Outsourcing field marketing eases the demands on clients’ time and attention, allowing them to focus on the desired end    results, without the distractions of managing the day to day operations.
    • Fulcrum Recruitment targets and employs agents from the communities in which they are going to operate which results in    growing our client’s target market relevance and in turn giving clients a competitive edge