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    Compliance auditing is a core marketing function and can be critical to the success of a brand – particularly during range reviews, new product launches and key promotional events.

    At Field Sales Solutions we have vast experience of compliance and auditing across all channels and fascias thus giving our clients an in-depth understanding of availability, visibility and depth of stock available at any given time of the day.  This can be as part of a ‘Brand Snapshot’ activity or to support a new initiative.

    Our compliance and audit teams are fully trained not only to audit to clients requirements, but where required, to fix any non-compliant issues immediately.

    Our compliance and auditing service extends beyond the basic service and can include placing stock orders, pulling stock forward, merchandising, siting point of sale or talking to staff members about the product/promotion to encourage brand engagement.

    We believe Field Sales Solutions add real value through compliance auditing – why not give us a call to find out if we can help you?


    Retailer Training

    Getting Retailers to sell your product for you has to be the ultimate win doesn’t it? You want Retailers to understand your proposition, whether it be a product or a service. You want to know that Retailers are confident to talk to your Consumers directly – ideally proactively, but as a minimum be able to answer key questions about your product or service.

    Field Sales Solutions believe in the value of briefing, coaching and training Retailers to support your Brands and to support the Retailers develop and grow their business.  Why not give us a call to find out if we can help you?