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Snacks & Namkeen

Snacks and Namkeen

In Indian food and beverage market snacks and namkeen contribute to about one lakh crore which makes it most vibrant sector. This sector has witnessed an unprecedented growth in recent years. Reason seems to be the evolution of traditional snacks and namkeen in taste and availability.

Munching of snacks and namkeen is a kind of daily practice in Indian families. Few decades ago in Indian food market only few types of basic snacks and namkeen were available. Being the second largest producer of food in world it’s likely to double its production in coming decade.

Snacks and namkeen market is basically categorised into organised and unorganised sector Branded namkeen accounts for 40% consumption. Major companies include like Balaji Wafers, Lehar, Haldirams and Bikano.

To elaborate further namkeen is further divided into three segments as:

  1. Single product segment: Moong Dal, Heing Jeera peanut, Chana Dal, Masala Matar, Peanut, Namkeen Pare, Nut cracker, Karake Peanut
  2. Single product in bhujia: Plain Sev, Punjabi Tadka, Bikaneri Bhujia, Ratlami Sev, Aloo Bhujia
  3. Mix: Navratan Mix, Kanpuri Mix, Khatta Meetha, Bombay Mix Chatpata Mix, Bombay Mix, Magic Mix, Kashmiri Mix, Royal Treat, All in One.

Now are you are snacks and namkeen manufacturer and wondering how you would increase your sales here are some tips for you

First of all we insist to follow roe ocean strategy where red ocean signifies bloody competition and it takes larger share of market and blue ocean emphasises on developing  unique  character which itself will keep you above competition and mark your continuous growth .

Mostly organised sector snacks and namkeen are consumed by middle and upper class person. The main reason behind this is that lower class is more dependent on local producers such as road side halwai’s where quality and price both is low. So to capture this market manufacturers should promote low price packets in rural areas. This is how we could cover full market size.

In Namkeen products manufacturers can generate lead sales by modifying three things to an advance level

  1. Variation: more people tend to demand more due to their different taste complexion so more Varity product one is able to deliver more successfully it would be able to satisfy his customers. More satisfaction more consumer loyalty and brand promotion occurs.
  2. Taste:  Tastier product will be sold more. People love to experience new taste and for it a manufacturer in his production unit should too focus on new product development. If company has higher budget then they could too hire a sensory panel.
  3. Quality:  high quality product assures food safety. For health conscious people health is the first priority. Food manufactures could be accredited from different food safety assurance organisations. This would increase their brand reputation and assure higher sales.

Urban communities consume 10 times more than the rural communities due to high income and purchasing ability due to which higher attention should be given on urban sales.

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