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Training & Education

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    Training & Education

    The experienced has treated us that the Employer can obtain much significant benefit in their deal if the labour force is given some Basic Training by Qualified Professionals before joining their respective job. With the above mention plan in idea ,We have initiated a briefing program and organize a orientation course for selected candidates which might be helpful for the employer’s who are benefited from this opportunity such as:

    1. To give them a through knowledge of the respective job by briefing which is performed by our experienced Executives.
    2. To respect the rules and regulations social and customs of the country concerned and
    3. To brief the climatic conditions of the hiring country.

    Pre-departure Orientations

    As most of the government in the respective countries required the entire contract workers to attend the pre-departure orientation, we arrange with its’ associates to let the traveling people participate in the pre-departure orientation class to be conducted by accredited centers in the respective country to inform the workers of the condition of their host country, what to expect, etc.

    Pre-departure candidates’ preparations

    In addition, we will instruct its associates in the respective countries to conduct a pre-departure briefing by the recruitment consultant to prepare the workers & orient them about their host country and explaining them about their job nature. The workers will also be informed if their job is outdoor or indoor. The workers will clearly be told about the host countries Do & Don’ts law, ethic etc.

    Endorsement Of Visa

    Once we get the visa copy of the selected worker, we will send it to our associates in the respective countries. Once we get the flight details of the traveling worker, we will inform our valued clients to deposit the original visa in the immigration before the worker arrives here. Deployment We will deploy the workers within 10-15 days from the day of receiving the visa copies.

    Traveling Arrangement

    Upon receiving the documents, visa, employment contract, from the employer, the documents (i.e. passport & visa) of the traveling workers will be handed over to the travel agents so as to reserve the seats in the airlines. Employers are required to send the flight confirmation & PTA in favor of recruiting agents to facilitate the selected workers.

    Flight Schedule

    Flight details, in an advance at least 24 hrs, will be furnished to the (clients) employer in order to enable to arrange necessary pick up for the traveling workers.


    As we stand and want to maintain our Motto,” Service to Clients and Concern for People “, our company is liable to take responsibility of deploying the required quality of manpower in time reliably.


    If the recruited workers are proved to be unfit for medically found insufficient to the level of their trade, We will replace on its expenses.