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Payroll Consulting

    We understand that payroll processing requires specific knowledge and that it can be tedious . This is why our services help pune company or organizations of all sizes prepare, calculate and process their employee pay cheques.

    Fits Your Needs :

    Payroll outsourcing means you can handover your payroll and meet your employee and statutory obligations with ease. You send us your payroll and employee data and we’ll send you e-payslips or payslips together with relevant management reports. Outsourcing payroll services in Pune is a highly cost effective and efficient method of ensuring that all staff are paid on time and in line with current local law. Payroll services include making payments, calculating overtime, handling direct debits, pay and E-Transfer contributions and the issuing of pay slips. The efficient and timely transfer of wages is a crucial element of running a successful business, as is making sure that salary and employee data remain secure.

    Our payroll solution adapts to fit your specific needs and scales with your business. Accuracy, timeliness and courtesy make up our foundation. Don’t compromise with rigid systems that force you into a patchwork of temporary fixes and workarounds..