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Manpower Supply Services in Pune

    We are a leading consultant, engaged in offering Labor Supply & skilled and unskilled workers to our clients in the recruitment

    Manpower Supply Services

    We are a leading consultant, engaged in offering Labor Supply & skilled and unskilled workers to our clients in the recruitment. Our Labor Supply services always help in recruiting the cheap labors for the prescribed jobs. This helps in saving time, energy and our client’s money. Manpower Supplying is the part of the ; our team is highly characterized by professionals. We are one of the finest companies in the field of manpower supply in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In this new era of Industrial Growth all the industries have to maintain a regular pace so that they can walk to foot to foot with the world.

    Manpower is the backbone of industries. It can enhance the name of the company or can hamper the name. Our company, is best in services. We have all grades of manpower.Our staff is well capable to work in any kind of situtation and ensure full support from our end. We not only just supply the manpower but also satisfy the clients. We are making the deal worth at any cost and we try to make long relation contacts. It is proven that work with full satisfaction. Every client appreciated our work done by us in the field of manpower supply.

    Specialty in these functions

    • Manpower Contractor Service
    • Housekeeping
    • Labour Supplier Service
    • Security Guards

      If you are interested in or you want to consult about Contract labour supply  for you industry or construction site you can contact us any time.


    HR Services and Employee Outsourcing Company

    • It is aimed at defining with accuracy and efficiency the hiring and recruiting terminologies. It goes a long way in helping the core activity of our business, that is, hiring the right candidate for the right job.
    • It also ensures the development of candidates’ potential, communication skills and boosts their spirits so that they do not buckle under pressure no matter what business they are in.
    • We evaluate candidates quite meticulously with the aim to lay a foundation on which our clients can safely build their decisions to invest smartly in the workforce.
    • Out of the insight gathered from our vast experience, we are able to develop a measurable client satisfaction program.
    • Nothing can deter us in delivering world-class service day in, day out.
    • That has made us a success with our clients. We are dependable and available round the clock. It ensures that our clients are never left in a lurch in a moment of need.
    • We believe in a triangular process that encompasses Employer, Employee, and MME in a close set up. Our experienced executives carry a motto of exceeding client expectations and at the same time, they make sure the employee finds the most suitable employer. We are the trusted recruitment and staffing consultants of many leading firms spread across the globe that look for staffing from Bangladesh.

    We believe its outsourcing services provide the foreign-based client with the following benefits:

    1. A low-cost option for good and professionally qualified technical staff based in Bangladesh.

    2. Reliable, ethical and disciplined administration in Vietnam by a licensed company that has experienced international and Vietnamese staff.

    3. A low-risk situation, as any risk is basically restricted to a monthly outlay.

    4. Any service contract can be terminated with only one month’s notice.

    Our HR compliance service prevents you from HR compliance risks & liability as a result of poor internal HR practices. We provide the best offering for all HR related compliance works.

    Step 1. Receive order from Client

    Here, we are committed to developing a close and effective working partnership with you based on listening, integrity and trust.

    Step 2. Analysis of Clients Requirements

    At this stage, we provide the most comprehensive analysis report on your requirements. From that, many issues could be identified.

    Step 3. Search & Evaluate Candidates

    From our extensive 370,000 talent pool and even more from our personal professional network, we look for the best candidates that can be matched with your specific demand at any level. Our unique methodology of evaluation is best to serve you with a great difference.

    Step 4. Summit short-listed Candidates to Client

    Having too many resumes can be considered as not comfortable for you to look through all. We understand your time constraint and thus provide you only the best selection of qualified candidates.

    Step 5. Arrange for Client’s Interview

    Even though you are at overseas, we can fully support you to arrange the interview with our qualified candidates or reschedule the time to best satisfy your convenience.

    Step 6. Perform Reference & Background Checks

    We conduct additional references & background check once you decide whom to be more preferable.

    Step 7. Support Client in Offer Negotiation

    We advise the client on making attractive offer and compensation terms that are most reasonably appeared toward local motivation specialty.

    Step 8. Follow up through on Acceptance & Probation Period

    We stay in close contact with the chosen candidate during interview & recruitment period and even after that. We attempt to act as an intermediary communicator who connects and transmits understanding between a recruiter and the talent.

    Contract Staffing Services :


    • When it comes to Staffing needs count on Akshay. Here are a few reasons why?
    • Over a decade of presence in the Bangladeshi market
    • Our presence in Dhaka Outsource City helps in scaling up to large scale resource needs of our clients
    • With deep consideration of Bangladeshi rules and laws, we are able to manage the outsourced staffs in a professional manner
    • by complying to local labour laws
    • We have immense experience to source candidate of all nationalities
    • Robust recruitment process leading to the identification of appropriate talent
    • Involvement in Technical Evaluation before CV submission by qualified HR Professionals well trained in various HR
    • skills, Recruiting Tools &Techniques
    • Faster Turn-Around-Time
    • Proven IT staffing methodology
    • 90% repeat business from prestigious clients who rely on us to deliver top talent and services
    • Akshay offers skilled personnel the opportunity to flourish in an open, entrepreneurial culture that encourages
    • teamwork and personal contribution
    • Low Attrition rate
    • Objective Yearly Appraisal of deputed consultant
    • Motivation, Mentoring, Training, Empathetic HR Managers who carefully manage the consultants
    • Financially stable company with adequate reserves ensuring timely payout of salaries

    when signing

    1. A good amount of labour as per requirements
    2. Good labour consultancy
    3. Labour with supervisors at different levels
    4. All the necessary labour equipments
    5. Labour Safety
    6. Following with Govt. norms
    7. Why should I have a labour contract?

    Others point

    It is a common question that comes in mind that why should I go for a labour contractor for the fulfillment of our labour services. In our opinion you must go for a contract labor instead of taking care of it by yourself. Here are some of points:

    1. It saves your plenty of time
    2. Now Its not your headache to arrange labour
    3. You are free to do some important jobs or can look for more clients capturing.
    4. You will have reports in the evening of the work done by us.
    5. Having contract labour for a construction of any job that requires continuous supply of labour is common nowadays. It’s a big factor in the growth of developing countries .