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Manpower Placement Services

    We are a recruitment agency offering staffing, manpower and human resource solutions and services in Fulcrum.

    Manpower Placement Services

    For those who are in the search of a job, Ocean Sky India is the right destination. We render Placement Services across all sectors. Whether you are a fresher or you are an experienced candidate, you can rely on us to enter you field of interest.
    We are associated with many eminent organizations from diverse fields. This enables us in offering complete Placement Assistance in junior-level to senior-level jobs across all verticals. We have a number of job openings for candidates with different skills, qualifications, experience, and interests.We assist our clients to establish appropriate Vision-Values Framework and such is important for long term success of any organization.


    HR Placement Services

    Advantage Anything HR
    1. Time bound: We close position within 60 days irrespective of any level
    2. Most Economical: More than 70% time & cost saving per recruitment
    1. With our global connect you are going to be benefited with our global experience.
    2. One stop Complete HR Solutions under one umbrella
    We provide
    1. Facilitate a session with founders/top team to establish vision for the business
    2. Discuss with founders to understand their values as well as facilitate discussion to identify core values through structured questions
    3. Organize a session with core team members to understand practicing values for the organization
    4. Identify 5 core values for the organization and establish proper description for each value as well as value indicators as well as make a final check on the core values to ensure that none of them fall into the category of the aspiration for the future.
    5. Conduct final presentation session to founder/key members of management
    6. Develop a roll-out plan.