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    Human resources in the pune,  involves numerous legal and ethical frameworks within which companies employing staff must operate. Payroll services overlap with HR in that there are laws relating to the Minimum National Wage and other issues which require ethical and/or legal consideration by human resource management personnel such as overtime rules and the conducting of payroll in line with regulatory requirements.  From large international corporate to small local companies, many businesses trust our team at the Payroll Service Company for simpler, hassle free and efficient payroll services.

    Fulcrum HR is the Maharashtra region’s emerging recruitment and executive search consultancy, providing recruitment solutions to the world’s largest corporations, prominent regional organisations focusing :

    • Faster turnaround on recruitment and replacements when required.
    • Contract Staffing Services Benefits
    • Lower headcount on company rolls.
    • Contract Staffing Services
    • Flexible and customisable solutions to meet various requirements.
    • Contract Staffing Services
    • One point of contact who serves as the interface between the client and Nathan & Nathan.
    • Contract Staffing Services
    • Eliminate recruitment, onboarding, and servicing costs with a flat monthly fee.