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Financial Payroll Management Solution in Pune

    Payroll processing involves accurate payroll calculations, disbursal, payslip generation, and managing payroll taxes and record keeping compliance.

    Cloud based Financial Payroll Management Solution in Pune

    Through our strong technology infrastructure, unrivaled statutory compliance team and proven payroll operational model, Fulcrum ensures a 100% error free payroll services, which guarantees speed of service and confidentiality of your employees’ information.  At Fulcrum Tax Experts, we take pride in delivering industry’s most comprehensive assortment of outsource payroll processing in India while taking care of all your payroll management, enabling you to target more strategic facets of the company.

    Offshoring payroll and benefits –

    With such expertise in Payroll services, your company can take advantage of time saving outputs with our extensive range of services like:

    • Preparation and filing of new hire reporting to state
    • Preparation of employee earning statement including current pay period and yearly wages and taxes
    • Processing of client reports and distribution of paychecks
    • Preparation of department summaries on basis of month-to-date payroll data along with customized client reports
    • Timely completion of  forms and well-timed response to employee payroll inquiries
    • Creation of Paycheck and Payroll sheet
    • Computation of both State dues with Check creation
    • Direct deposition of Taxes to both State and national agencies

    We provide you with –

    Whether you are looking for Bookkeepers in India, payroll services, tax returns or other accountancy services, contact us to talk to one of our Bookkeepers to see how we can help you.

    1. Payroll and tax processing
    2. Direct deposit
    3. Customized reporting
    4. Job costing and tip reporting
    5. All local and state tax filings
    6. Certified Payroll Solutions easy online reporting
    7. Human resource tracking
    8. Employee benefits services
    9. Worker’s compensation services

    Benefits of corporate payroll processing –

    Manpower India offers corporate payroll processing services to organisations with all type of setups. We take care of entire payroll processing activities, including salary processing, leave calculation, PF, ESI & IT deduction and associated MIS and reporting. Some of the benefits of outsourcing payroll management include the following:

    1. Fast turnaround
    2. Assistance throughout the entire life-cycle of the employee, right from the day of recruitment to exit
    3. Streamlining of all payroll processes
    4. Reduced investment in IT infrastructure
    5. Well thought-out resource deployment
    6. Strict adherence to compliance and statutory requirements
    7. Error-free documentation and reports
    8. Solid business intelligence that helps top management with their strategic initiatives
    9. Low-risk of penalties due to non-compliance
    10. Speedy and efficient resolution of all employee issues

    Manage Payroll & Yearly TAX Return service includes

    We understand that maintaining your financial accounts and records, supervising accounts staff, dealing with accountants, auditors, bankers and creditors all place pressure on the valuable time and monetary resources of your business. Manpower India Bookkeeping Services offer accountancy services including payroll services, tax returns and account management services aimed to help relieve you of these demands by providing professional and efficient services at competitive rates whilst at the same time helping you to avoid paying the high costs involved when engaging accountancy firms.

    Our experienced Bookkeepers are familiar with major software packages. we can deliver suitable accountancy services for your needs. Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or established company, we’ll make sure everything is done quickly and efficiently to meet all HMRC and Companies House deadlines. Ensure your tax returns and Company returns are lodged on time to avoid any late penalties.


    •  Tax Returns / Compliance
      Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or established company, we’ll make sure everything is done quickly and efficiently to meet all HMRC and Companies House deadlines. Ensure your tax returns and Company returns are lodged on time to avoid any late penalties.
    •  Yearly Tax Planning
      We want to keep your tax bills as low as possible. Whether it is personal tax, company tax or capital gains tax we can provide tax planning to ensure you do not pay more tax than you have to.
    •  Year End Accounts & Management Accounts
      From full statutory accounts for companies to self employed and partnerships; we can also provide cash flow planning to management accounts.
    • Tax  Investigations & Disclosures
      We know how to get you the best result. From Self employed tax returns to Company Tax disclosures and investigations, we are happy to represent you.

    Accounting and bookkeeping services :

    Once your business is set up and you are busy running it, Fulcrum is there to help you take the next steps. Our qualified professionals can take care of the accounts and bookkeeping needs while you concentrate on running your business.

    Our finance and accounting department can support your operational business, safeguard your assets and contribute to strategic investment decisions aimed at delivering attractive returns for your investors.

    1. Monthly reports are provided on Pay Register, Reconciliation and Service Reports.
    2. Customised and automated MIS as per Client requirement.
    3. Updating of Salary records and changes in salary structure.
    4. Computing of any arrears, Incentives and variable pay.
    5. Preparing of full and final Settlements.
    6. Web-enabled payroll and HR technology platform.
    7. Reduce costly errors and fraud
    8. Receive a free daily e-mail of punch records
    9. It’s easy to use and easy to set-up
    10. Internet based with no software to install