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Direct Team Hire

    At Fulcrum HR Partners, we possess the expertise and the extensive resources to connect you to some of the top companies throughout the United States, regardless of when and where you need them. From career advice to hiring resources, we offer a full suite of services that’ll help you throughout your job search. Here’s just a few benefits that you’ll receive if you choose to partner with us:


    1. Résumé Consultation: We provide résumé feedback and consultation to get ‘you’ – and who you are as a talent – presented on paper for prospective employers to see that you are a top candidate for the position.
    2. Critique & Assistance on Interview Prep: It’s no secret that having insider knowledge about the organization, their people and the culture is the best preparation for the interview and FulcrumPartners has this connection. We will coach and prepare you for each interview, as well as provide immediate and candid client feedback on interview performance.
    3. Confidentiality: Your job search, résumé, salary requirements and employment history will never be presented to a client without your consent.
    4. Communication: We promise to answer your emails and phone calls within 48 hours. And, we promise to keep the lines of communication open during your interviewing process with prospective employers.
    5. Support: We will consistently motivate and encourage you throughout your job search. We know that having a trusted advisor to partner with during the search makes a difference on how you will experience the overall journey.
    6. Commitment: Fulcrum Partners is a referral-based business and all our candidates originate through referrals and direct recruiting. We have a commitment to contact and assist all referrals promptly and to engage you with the integrity that you seek from a recruiter.