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Contractual Staffing

    We are Leading Recruitment Organization engaged in contractual staffing and Payroll Services.

    Payroll Software with HRMS

    One of our primary service principles is ease-to-go. We know how ugly and difficult conventional HR management software can be, and we’ve designed HR workflow to be the exact opposite and modern tech friendly. Our human resource management services are designed to help customers reduce cost, enhance employee satisfaction and improve the delivery of HR strategies.

    HR process consulting

    Whether it is maintaining records, reviewing employees, auditing policies, implementing procedures, conducting interviews, managing performance, developing compensation plans, retaining employees or building employee morale, you can get access to all such human resource management services at Manpower Pune.

    Executive Search Process

    • Initializing
    • Market Analysis & Strategizing
    • Candidates Search
    • Candidate Presentation
    • Offer & Professional Negotiations
    • Closing the Search
    • Post Hire Reviews

    Outsource HR Management

    HR Pune Solutions offers its clients a unique temping solution which is convenient, compliant & customer focused.

    • The ROI of your HR investments
    • Lower and control costs
    • Reduce compliance risk
    • Improve delivery
    • Free up time to focus on strategic HR

    We undertake all aspects of the recruitment services cycle

    1. Understand job specification
    2. Match profiles to specifications
    3. Advertised & Executive Search Campaigns
    4. CV Sifting/Response Handling
    1. Screen applicants
    2. Conduct initial interviews
    3. Submit shortlisted candidate profiles
    4. Schedule your interview with applicants
    5. Facilitate closure resulting in appointment

    Industries benefiting from availing our recruitment services are:

    • Logistics / Supply chain
    • Health Care
    • Construction
    • Administration
    • IT
    • Finance
    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Sales & Marketing
    • HR
    • Engineering