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Contract Temporary Permanent Staffing in Pune

    With a proven track record and a rigorous selection process, our candidates are experienced, highly skilled and appropriately qualified, Contract Temporary Permanent Staffing in Pune

    HR Solutions – Contract and temporary staffing

    Fulcrum Staffing specializes in every aspect of Commercial, Industrial, Marine & Offshore Staffing. We offer a comprehensive suite of services from recruiting qualified workers to handling payroll, workers’ compensation and other administrative tasks and requirements.

    As an employer, the tax and employment responsibilities you have for your staff will depend on the type of contract you give them and their employment status.

    hr management for Recruitment consultancy

    Contract types include:

    1. full-time and part-time contracts
    2. fixed-term contracts
    3. agency staff
    4. freelancers, consultants, contractors
    5. zero hour contracts

    Our range of contract and temporary staffing solutions includes:

    1. Registered Social Workers
    2. Registered Nurses (hospitals)
    3. Registered Nurses (community)
    4. Health Care Assistants
    5. Care Managers/Coordinators
    6. Form F Assessors
    7. Independent Social Workers
    1. Social Care Support Workers (community based)
    2. Mental Health Workers
    3. Learning Disability Workers
    4. Social Work Assistants (Children, and Adult Services)
    5. Family Support Workers
    1. Project Workers
    2. Housing Support Workers
    3. Residential Childcare Officers
    4. Supervised Contact Officers
    5. Social Work Managers and Reviewing Officers
    Features and benefits of HR Outsourcing

    If you’re someone who has never had a job through a staffing agency, you probably have questions about how the process works. It all starts like any normal job search. You need to find a job that you like, and what better way to do that than seeing all the staffing agency jobs in your area in one place. Fulcrum is a leading provider of technical, professional and industrial staffing services. Fulcrum is your direct source to find qualified employees with the skills and expertise to transition seamlessly into your workplace.

    Whatever level of assistance you need, we offer a variety of services to help you recruit the best talent, including:

    1. More empowered employees and managers who are able to access self-service applications upon demand
    2. HR Managers are able to focus on strategic, developmental, motivational initiatives rather than being bogged down by HR administrative and transactional work most of the time
    3. Better customer service – through the HR Employee Contact Center, service levels to employees are assured; calls and cases are tracked through to resolution
    4. Quicker deployment time through the use of available infrastructure, reusable software components, experienced implementation teams
    5. Ability to draw on best practices and at the same time allow customized solutions to address unique client requirements
    6. Clients accomplish savings through the Fulcrum’s leveraging off economies of scale.
    7. We take care of system upgrades and maintenance.