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    About Nashik


    Situated on the banks of Godavari, Nashik is one of the most important cities of northern Maharashtra. It’s the third-largest urban area of Maharashtra, just preceding the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the Pune Urban Region. Nashik is, in fact, the fourth most populous city in Maharashtra. It has had its moment of pride when it was declared the sixteenth fastest growing city in the world by a report of the City Mayors Foundation. Owing to the city’s industrial, social, political and cultural importance, Nashik has been shortlisted as an investment region in the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) for the Igatpuri-Nashik-Sinnar circle. It is also a pilgrimage city for many Hindus and is one of the four locations that host the Kumbh Mela Festival. Nashik is the highest producer of grapes in India, along with onions, because of which it’s called the “Wine capital of India”. Famous for its religious and historical significance, it is located on the banks of Godavari, which is one of the most prominent rivers in India. This vibrant city known for its picturesque surroundings, pleasant climate and greenery certainly sees itself as a major player in the coming future for top market investments.

    Stats and Facts

    The population of Nashik, as per the provisional reports of the Census 2011, is 1,562,769 with a 22% increase in the last decade The city’s sex ratio is below the national average, at 895 per 1000 males. The child sex ratio has drastically fallen to 855 per 100 males The average literacy rate of Nashik saw a significant jump in 2011 with 90.97%

    Nashik – Striving Industrial Sector

    As of 30th November 2011, Nashik district had six approved Special Economic Zones covering an area of 1,275 hectares Investment in industrial units have grown more than 100% and employment by 20% making Nashik an outperformer from other cities in Maharashtra in terms of investment and MIDC units Out of all the globally recognized wineries in Maharashtra, Nashik has the majority. Also many liquor manufacturing factories, such as Sula Wines, Pernod-Ricard and United Spirits Ltd have set up their factories here. Today, grapes are a major export commodity to the Europe, Asia and Middle East Other prominent clusters in Nashik include raisin making, engineering, silver ornaments and the famous Paithani saree. There is a scope for various other industries such as fruit processing, agro-based products, animal-based products and forest-based products The government of India sees great potential in the Nashik cluster.


    Nashik is served by the Ozar Airport, located about 24 km from the city. There are plans to upgrade the airport to international standards, including a new passenger terminal. Nashik is also served by the Gandhinagar Airport that sports a humbler runway The Nashik Railway Station is of prominence to the Central Railway as it generates a high amount of revenue. Nashik is directly connected to various major cities in India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kanpur, Nagpur and Guwahati. According to the Rail Budget recently, Nashik plans to get rail connectivity to Pune and Indore Nashik is located on the intersection of two major national highways – the Mumbai-Pune Highway and the Mumbai-Agra Highway. There are numerous other state highways that offer excellent connectivity to Nashik. Apart from inter-state connectivity, the city has reliable and modern road infrastructure There are three bus stations in Nashik, namely, Mahamarg bus stand, Nashik Bus Sthanak at Thakkar bazar, and CBS. These services are available for travelling to major cities in and around states. Maharashtra Road Transport Corporation, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation all operate in and out of the city A metro railway project called the Greater Nasik Metro has been proposed to connect neighboring areas within Nashik like Ozar, Deolali, Igatpuri and Nashik city

    Nashik Civic Administration

    In 1982, the Nashik Municipality and other civic bodies combined to form the Nashik Municipal Corporation that today administers the Nashik district. Nashik is also the headquarters of the Nashik Revenue Division of Maharashtra The Deolali Cantonment Board is a separate civic body for Deolali, which is a part of the Nashik urban agglomeration The District Collector carries out the administration of the Nashik district. He also supervises other government bodies in the area. The Balwantrai Mehta Committee facilitates the development of administration in rural areas. The Zilla Parishad, Gram Panchayat and the Panchayat Samiti head the district level

    Nashik Infrastructure

    The city, in terms of infrastructure, is relatively in a formidable situation. The city is a highly sustainable source for quantitative and qualitative water as it resides near the rivers Godavari and Darnana Storm water management is major issue in Nashik as three major rivers and several nalas flow through the city. Apart from proposing storm water pipe-drains, river canalization and nala training, the MNC has made it mandatory for new constructions in the city to install rainwater harvesting systems Unlike many other Indian cities, where garbage floods infrastructure, the daily refuse in Nashik is collected through a door-to-door solid-waste collection system. A plant has been set near Pandav Leni by the Nashik Municipal Corporation to process the garbage and convert it into compost A total of 1974 km of roads exist within Nashik’s network. The MNC has proposed an investment of Rs. 605 crores towards a hike in new roads, road widening, parking, street lightning and other improvements. Plans of setting up a mass rapid transit are being proposed for the near future


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    Sales: We sell products and services to businesses of all sizes through various marketing channels and divisions.
    Sales are processed through multiple channels consisting of website sales, internet sites, direct marketing catalogs, call center and outbound telephone account management; all supported by our network of supply chain and delivery operations in the Pune and Mumbai.

    Field Sales: Businesses use multiple channels to promote products and services to prospective customers. Not all businesses have their own field sales team, who through face-to-face contact are able to engage with customers and make sales. That may be because of the high cost of recruiting and running a proprietary sales team or because they don’t have the skills. Equally clients might choose us because they want to test demand or run a tactical acquisition campaign for a specified duration.

    Direct Selling : Fulcrum is the best marketing platform for bringing together the leading digital marketing competence with the best-in-class marketing solutions for direct selling and increasing sales. direct consumer selling method to reduce distribution costs because they have plentiful facilities to sell directly to their consumers. A manufacturer can sell goods to the consumers by opening his retail shop in mills site or by mail house to house selling or by engaging salespeople or by using advanced mechanical devices.

    Door to door sales : Door-to-door sales is a low cost distribution channel, and is an effective way to gain more return on investment. It secures increased value with minimum spend, allowing access to a customer base which is not always reached by existing marketing strategies. Through Door to Door sales, customers can choose the most suitable deals, especially because they have a chance to ask questions and have the offering clarified by our qualified sales experts.

    Sales Staff: Our team of skilful and detail-focussed sales and marketing professionals offer our Principal Suppliers and their brands dependable and sustainable long-term growth and profitability. From brand managers to area managers and knowledgeable in-store staff, we act as  of our clients’ brands, ensuring the very best representation. We do more than the average distributor; together with our in-house team and our preferred partners, we also provide the very best in media, digital, marketing, advertising and field services.

    B2B Sales: We do things differently by focussing more on digging deep into the detail and finding continual improvements to pursue service and value excellence. Our established expertise and authentic B2B Sales relationship building with our stakeholders offers our clients complete confidence in our management, infrastructure, support, advice and innovation.

    When it comes to guerrilla marketing the gloves are off. They are usually low budget campaigns but with the right imagination and ideas they offer up some unprecedented results. Furthermore the term ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ itself is used to refer to campaigns that surprise consumers in locations and ways they might not usually expect. For that reason the experience remains with the consumer.


    Door To Door Marketing : Nothing beats the reality that one gets when you can interact with potential clients face to face physically moving from door to door within a community or household to household, face to face field marketing is also called personal selling or door to door marketing, customers are met directly in order to sell their products, using this method of field marketing we rely on our skills and persuasive abilities. During the period where we get to interact with the client face to face we get more chance to pass across edible information which would be useful to all our customers at that time and it’s also an opportunity for us to get feedback and to gauge your opinion about our business.

    Marketing Services: Fulcrum Marketing Services in Pune are the catalyst to bringing your advertising vision to life. While many ideas start in a boardroom, you need experienced marketers on the ground who are able to conceptualize, plan and execute a well thought-out marketing campaign in the field. We know from experience that one size does not fit all and therefore, we take a flexible marketing approach.In many cases, customized solutions are best and our propriety tools are used to complement the customized marketing.

    Street Team Marketing:  Street Team Marketing is the planning, staffing, training, outfitting, deployment and management of brand ambassadors to promote events, product releases, plus create consumer engagement and sharable experiences.street team marketing is typically deployed on public sidewalks around around transit stations, shopping districts, campuses, business districts and city events to distribute trial-size samples and marketing materials to consumers.

    Direct Marketing: We know how to maximise direct marketing to set you apart from the competition and get fantastic results.