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Event Promoter

Event Promoters are a key component for any brand or company to increase brand  awareness and sales.

Our Event Promoter  can appear at your events, trade shows, in store, on tours and even as promotional staff and street teams. At Fulcrum we believe the Event Promoter  should be able to appear and act like our clients’ own staff, and uphold the values and ethos of the company they are representing.

Fulcrum’s Event Promoter  are great with a crowd, influencing people and leaving them with a very positive brand experience, no matter what environment they are working in. They are often considered key sales people for a product or service. This means they are always well briefed, and are often the ‘go to’ person when it comes to the brand they are representing, answering questions from potential customers face to face. Event Promoter ’s main role is to drive results for our clients, and give a positive first impression of their brand.

We take care of the HR, training, booking and management of our Brand Ambassadors so that you don’t have to. We make sure that they have the right to work in the india, are insured and paying the right amount of tax, and we meet ALL of our staff face to face. Every member of our team is vetted through our in-house training program, and only the best make the grade. This makes selecting staff from our database that much more efficient, and we can implement campaigns quickly and effectively.

Sales Promoter

The most successful key to increase sales is to give right information about one or more products. Nothing works better than hiring qualified and committed experts to set directly in the stores who can give proper answers to the costumer’s most specific questions. The final goal is to guide the consumer along the purchase process.

In addition, in-store promotions are strategic tools because they take place within the same time and place as where the customer decides what to buy, becoming the most powerful “match point” between supply and demand.

We’ve already been taking care of in-store activities for many years on behalf of some of our business clients working in different market fields all over Italy. In particular, some of our responsibilities include recruitment, traineeship, coordinate the resources, get in touch with the stores and shipment of POP material.

Thanks to our IT solutions of new generation able to meet our customer’s needs it is possible to collect, organize and provide updated data related to the in-store promotion activity any time the customer wants to access it.


Advice the consumer at the moment of the purchase and guide his decision;

Look for new potential consumers and retent them;

Generate high sales peaks;

Supervise stock shortage;

Attract the consumer’s attention on the promo items.


Fulcrum sales promoters will act as ambassadors of your products;

Best recruitment, traineeship and resource management according to the promo item;

Previous merchandising activity to set up the expository area;

Prompt assistance in case of issue within the store;

Management of POP material and logistics;

Accessible Web platform providing updates data reports on the activities.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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