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Merchant & Seller Acquisition

    It’s time to put these resources to work for you. Are you interested in acquiring a seller and Merchant? our Seller Acquisition Services and Merchant Acquisition Services can assist you with identifying seller and merchant within several market types, including product seller and services provider. Tell us what type of asset class you are interested in purchasing. We will use our extensive network to find a seller that meets your… Read More »Merchant & Seller Acquisition

    Brand Activations

      Brand Activations Fulcrum provides passionate people that bring your brand to life and engage consumers in unforgettable ways. Brand activations can help companies launch or re-launch brands, leverage new partnerships, and influence new and returning audiences.  They allow consumers to experience a product or service which in turn leaves consumers with a positive impression of the brand. Fulcrum’s charismatic and enthusiastic staff will provide the first-line of communication for your… Read More »Brand Activations

      Customer Acquisition

        Customer Acquisition Give Away Samples: “Free” is Everyone’s Favorite Word Fulcrum helps the marketers to Customer Acquisition strategies better and engage the users on their mobile devices based on their needs, preferences, and interactions. To segment the data, collect relevant information regarding the customers like gender, age, location, preferences and the like. These datasets can then be subsequently used in segmenting the users. These different segments of customers have to… Read More »Customer Acquisition

        Convention Staffing

          Convention Staffing Create memorable experiences using Fulcrum’s trusted convention staffing solutions. Fulcrum can provide you with dedicated and professional individuals that will work hard to ensure that your company or convention makes a positive impression from the start. No matter what your convention staffing needs are, we are ready to help you successfully reach your goals. We offer a variety of conference and convention staffing services including: GREETERS REGISTRATION STAFF… Read More »Convention Staffing

          Sampling Team

            Product Sampling We Get People to Touch, See and Try You Immersive Experiences and Sampling Activations at Supermarkets, Shopping Center, Event, Public Place and out and Street Marketing Fulcrum implement local  Product Sampling Agency and demonstration Agency that get brands/products directly into people’s hands. We are skilled at delivering mass samples across multiple locations simultaneously. Our skill is in developing clever creative concepts that emotionally engage shoppers and drive them into action.… Read More »Sampling Team

            Field Marketing

              Field Marketing Fulcrum’s Marketing is Delivering the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT PRICE, through the RIGHT CHANNEL, to the RIGHT AUDIENCE, at the RIGHT TIME!” FIELD MARKETING Fulcrum provides top brands with nationwide & regional field marketing, on Ground Brand Activation, and field sales support to ensure sales objectives, research and engagement is achieved at targeted customer touch points. As the name suggests field marketing is marketing your brand’s product directly on to the field that… Read More »Field Marketing

              Market Research

                Market Research Work with Clients Who Believe Research Strengthens Decision-making. We offer a full suite of state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative research techniques, as well as custom-designed methodologies.We offer both B2B and B2C research to our clients with quality assurance practices that exceed industry standards while maintaining a competitive pricing structure. Fulcrum has grown to be one of the largest research companies in India, supporting multiple methodologies for small organizations to… Read More »Market Research


                  Here at Fulcrum we supply promotional models throughout the whole of the India, representing over 3000 staff who have experience working on a variety of campaigns and events. Our promo staff can be booked to directly interact with potential customers, generate brand awareness, provide product information and create brand appeal. They can be trained in advance to answer questions on our clients’ products and services. Staff can be booked to work at… Read More »PROMOTIONAL MODEL AGENCY

                  PROMOTIONAL STAFFING

                    PROMOTIONAL STAFFING Create unforgettable events and promote your brand with Fulcrum’s Passionate and Talented promotional staff. As one of the pioneers in promotional staffing, Fulcrum has a unique understanding of what it takes to staff promotional marketing events and how to ensure each experience is meaningful and memorable. By constantly and consistently working to find top notch talent for every event, no matter how big or small, we ensure our… Read More »PROMOTIONAL STAFFING