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Parks in Mumbai

    Mumbai has several gardens and parks which offer well-laid and maintained walkways. For the visitors of the city, these gardens and parks offer a pleasant and welcome break from the noise of this ever so bustling city. As a part of infrastructure development, Mumbai Municipal Corporation has made sure to reserve some part of the land to be made available to public. As a part of that, there are various parks been made where the citizens can go and spend some quality time with their loved ones.

    These parks are made by taking into consideration of the needs of the public and are maintained by the parks department. People of this city desire deeply to take some time off the busy chores of life and enjoy the lush greenery which the city offers. No wonder, the parks and gardens of Mumbai are constantly visited by people of all age. The magical touch of fresh air promises to enliven the dullest of days and the longest of evenings.

    Play area for the children and well-laid walkways for the elderly add to the spirit of homeliness that these parks exude. These parks and gardens are situated amidst tall elevated buildings and structures and thus, provide an easy retreat for the people dwelling in the city. This greenery not only lightens the minds of the city dwellers, but also refreshes air and helps keep pollution under check.

    Some of the well known parks in Mumbai are as follows –

    1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park
      Previously known as ‘Borivali National Park’, Sanjay Gandhi National Park was established in 1969. This park comprises of a large protected area and extends over 104 square km. Located in northern most suburban Mumbai, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the most visited parks.


    1. Victoria Gardens
      Do you wish to relax amidst a lush green carpet and inhale some fresh air? Well, then Veermata Jijbai Bhonsle Udyan is the perfect place for you. Formerly known as ‘Rani Bagh’ or ‘Victoria Gardens’, this place has been renamed as ‘Jijamata Udyaan’ or ‘Veermata Jijabai Bhonsle.


    1. Kamala Nehru Park
      Situated on top of Mumbai’s Malabar Hill, this park is named after Jawaharlal Nehru’s wife, Kamala Nehru. It extends over an area of about 4,000 square feet and provides a glistening sight of the city of Mumbai. From this garden, one can enjoy the spectacular sight of the Chowpatty Beach and also Marine Drive (Queen’s Necklace).


    1. Horniman Circle Gardens
      Situated in the Fort precinct of Mumbai, Horniman Circle Gardens is one among the largest parks in southern Mumbai. This garden is surrounded by various office buildings, mainly comprising the city’s premier banks. The Horniman Circle Gardens covers 12,081 square yards (10,101 m2) and is designed.


    1. Hanging Gardens
      Hanging Gardens is a popular tourist destination situated in Mumbai. This terraced garden was built in 1880 and later renovated in 1921. The Hanging Gardens is dedicated to its barrister Pherozeshah Mehta, which is why these gardens are also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Garden.

    Some of these parks are free for the citizens, while some take entry fee. These parks are where Field Sales team approaches people and educates them of certain products that they might want to buy but they were not aware of. Various discount and other promotions are given to customer so that they buy these products.

    The rich collection of flora and fauna and the undulating greenery of these places invite people looking for quiet moments of meditation or introspection. These gardens and parks are also famed for their historical backdrop. Scroll this space for more info on these spots.

    Other well known Parks in Mumbai are :-

    1. Lions Juhu Children’s Municipal Park
    2. Shivaji Park
    3. Maharashtra Nature Park
    4. Five Gardens
    5. Oval Maidan
    6. Jogger’s Park