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What is a Promotion?

    A promotion is an increase in rank that may also be accompanied by a raise in pay, benefits, and responsibility. Most people view such rises positively, as they indicate that the individual is successful, valuable, and useful. In many workplaces, people actively work towards this goal and its accompanied benefits. The term is also sometimes used to refer to a general change in status such as a graduation, which is why some parents may find themselves attending a “fifth grade promotion” instead of a fifth grade graduation.

    Typically, someone is rewarded with a promotion when he or she performs exemplary work or shows aptitude for a position with more responsibility. This is usually a cause for celebration, as it indicates that the employee has a potential for development and long employment within the company. The new position may include supervision responsibilities, as the employee becomes responsible for administrative assistants and other staff. These responsibilities should not be taken lightly, as most employees look to their supervisors for guidance and examples of appropriate workplace behavior.

    A promotion is a reward for excellent work.

    The new job may also require more work, which goes along with general increases in responsibility. This work may be more complex or more interesting, however, so most employees are happy to take it on. In recognition of the increased workload and status of the employee, most employers offer a pay raise as well, and employees may become eligible for additional benefits. In a ranked system like the military or a fire department, it may be referred to as an increase in rank or grade, and the employee’s pay will be adjusted according to a rigid scale.

    Individuals receiving a promotion may receive an increase in pay.

    Notification of a promotion and congratulations are usually offered by a supervisor or high ranking member of the company. A worker who has been selected for an increase in rank should be aware that this is an good time to engage in negotiations, such as a request for a change in hours, because the employer is indicating that the person are valued as an employee. When a person is promoted, he may have to sign paperwork indicating the new position and noting any changes in pay.

    A lower-level worker may eventually rise to a supervisory position.

    Not all people view an increase in rank as a cause for celebrations. Some people, for example, prefer to remain in lower positions so that they can stay in the field in professions like policing. Others enjoy jobs with light responsibilities, despite the lower pay. In some cases, it is possible to reject such a promotion, although an employer may be puzzled. In others, this is not an option.