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Sales Strategy and Deployment:

    Developing and implementing the most effective sales strategies is critical in driving the revenue and growth engines of any company.  Business and sales executives have a range of choices in reaching their customers:  Direct field sales organizations, channels, partners, electronic channels, hybrids and all the combinations.  All of this is done in an environment that is time pressured and resource constrained.  Overlay on this, the need to OutSell the competition.

    Partners In EXCELLENCE provides very deep expertise in helping organizations:

    • Determine the best routes to market and sales organization deployment.

    • Identifying and establishing the sales organization (direct, indirect, electronic, hybrid).

    • Developing and refining the sales process.

    • Identifying and establishing high impact sales programs.

    • Recruiting sales people and partners.

    • Onboarding sales people and partners,

    • Developing and implementing performance management systems, and metrics.

    • Managing the organization for performance.

    • Developing and implementing motivation and compensation systems.

    • Assessing performance and developing corrective actions.

    • Assessing problems and applying corrective action.

    • Identifying and addressing new markets.

    • Developing global and major account programs.

    • Developing SMB programs.

    • Developing and implementing skills development and training programs for both product, process, and sales skills.

    Our case studies provide numerous examples of projects in developing the highest levels of performance in the sales organization.