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Individual and Managerial Behavioral Assessments:

    The ability to interact effectively with others can make the difference between success or failure in our work and personal life.  Partners In EXCELLENCE offers a number of behavioral assessments that help maximize both individual and organizational productivity and success.  These assessments generate powerful reports that can applied quickly and effectively, improving the performance of individuals and the organization.

    The profiles provide valuable information on “how and why we act” the way we do. Understanding the motivations driving a person’s behavior and performance is critical in today’s marketplace.  Each report provides personalized information covering general behavioral characteristics, value to the organization, areas of behavioral stress, motivators/de-motivators, strategies for improving communication, keys to managing the individual, and other information.

    These instruments are extremely easy to administer.  They are completed on-line and usually take no longer than 10-15 minutes to finish   Debriefing the results generally takes less than an hour .

    Behavioral assessments enable individuals and organizations to improve communication, enhance teamwork, increase motivation, provide greater alignment of people with positions and help ensure goal achievement.  The instruments Partners In EXCELLENCE uses have been validated with over four million people worldwide.

    Among the assessments Partners In EXCELLENCE uses are:

    Managing For Success (DISC):  DISC is the language of our behavior.  Research has consistently shown that behavioral characteristics can be categorized into four quadrants or styles.  DISC measures: D (Dominance) – how we respond to problems and challenges, I (Influence) how we relate to others and influence others to our point of view, S (Steadiness) how we respond to the pace of change in our environment, C (Compliance) how we respond to rules and procedures set by others.

    Personal Interests Attitudes and Values (PIAV):  The PIAV report measures the relative prominence of six basic interests, attitudes or values:  Theoretical (drive for information & knowledge), Utilitarian (drive for return on investment of time, talent or effortAesthetic (drive for beauty, form & harmonySocial (drive to support/give to others), Individualistic (drive for power and control of one’s environment) and Traditional (drive to live within a clear system of beliefs).  The profile ranks the relative drive or passion an individual has for each of the six attitudes. The top two values drive a majority of our behaviors.  Lack of awareness of the importance of these values can often undermine a person’s motivation and drive.

    Professional Selling Attributes Index (PSAI):  This profile measures a person’s attitude and focus as they relate to the actions necessary for success within each phase of the selling process.  It measures the “real person” that lies behind the values, skills, and behaviors an individual possesses, providing measurements of 35 critical sales indicators.  Among the many critical attributes it measures are, commitment to the job, enjoyment of the job, goal directness, handling rejection, results orientation, and self-starting capacity.

    Sales Management Attribute Index (SMAI):  Promoting your best sales people into management can often be the worst thing that can be done. Successful salespeople are not necessarily successful managers. The SMAI provides information on an individual’s attitudes and focus in performing sales management functions.  The report provides measures on a number of attitudes, including:  developing others, handling stress, monitoring others, project and goal focus, quality orientation, systems judgment, understanding motivational needs, conflict resolution, leadership focus, opportunity analysis, planning orientation, staffing focus, and other areas.

    A few of the organizations that have benefited from using behavioral assessments are:  3M, United States Air Force Academy, Chase Manhattan Bank, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Purdue University, US Department of Energy, and Xerox.

    Contact us to conduct these assessments for your teams, key recruits, and other people in your organization.