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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

    Research suggests that one of the best ways to boost self-confidence is to focus more on what you are good at and less on what you are not good at. However, that is easier said than to done — unless you focus on the behaviors that are good about you.

    There are many ways to increase your self-confidence. With any of them, though, it requires practice. This is an ongoing process and not an event.

    Here are some suggestions. You do not need to practice them all. More important than doing them all is picking some — and practicing them.

    Caution: The following are not meant to be medical advice to treat depression. If you have ongoing and debilitating feelings of low-self worth, you should seek attention from a qualified mental health professional.

    • What does a self-confident person look like? What do they say? What do they do?
    • Imagine yourself being more confident, assertive and appreciated. What do you look like? What are you saying? What are you doing?
    • Make a list of the successes that you have had in your life. Post that list where you have to see it.
    • Imagine yourself surviving a rejection about something. For example, imagine someone telling you that your idea is not a good one. Then look at your list of successes again.
    • Practice a positive posture. For example, stand taller and sit up straighter than usual.
    • Help someone else do something you are good at. For example, sign up to tutor someone.
    • Once a week, do something that seems scary to you. For example, be the first to speak up in a group.
    • Polish your skills in public speaking. For example, sign up for Toastmasters, the organization that helps people build skills and confidence in public speaking.
    • Every morning, say at least one affirmation to yourself. For example, answer “I am good at doing ___”.
    • Stand up to being hurt, bullied or insulted. For example, say what they did that was an affront to you and how you felt. Know that the rest of the exchange is all about them and not about you.
    • Do one form of exercise each day. Exercise has been proven to release chemicals in your body that help you to feel better.
    • Sign up for a quote-a-day that shares inspirational messages. For example, sign up for Inspiring Quotes to Help You Get Through Your Day.
    • Use mindfulness to focus on the present, rather than on your feelings of low confidence. Mindfulness is about focusing on the present, for example, on what is going on around you.
    • Tell someone else about your lack of self-confidence. How did they react? What can you learn from them?