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Trade Show Activation ideas, brand installations, and attendee activities to generate engagement

Trade Show Activation is the creation and deployment of unique experiential marketing ideas to attract and engage event attendees.

Whether it is a convention, fair, expo or trade show marketing is essential to create a brand presence, attract attendees, increase dwell time, provide memorable experiences and ultimately sales.

Ideally, the trade show booth attendee activities directly relate to the brand and intended message in a memorable way.

Fulcrum trade show booth offering often integrate custom-builds, Instagram-able props, and attendee brand experiences activities ranging from oversize prize wheels to step-and-repeats to costumed brand ambassadors.

To be effective we believe Trade Show Activations need to be:

1.) Noticeable in a crowded convention environment

2.) Easily understood by attendees

3.) Provide fun, stimulating and valuable brand experience

4.) Drive lead-generation, social media coverage and/or other actionable results

If the above seems like a trade show booth marketing approach you’d like to investigate please contact us to learn more.

Are you getting tired of the same formulaic Trade-show and Brand Activation’s? It seems, like all Trade-show booths these days are one level over complicated monstrosities. That is why we have created a modular solution for your Marketing Needs! Whether it be for a experiential brand activation, trade show, pop up shop, or your retail needs, our modular container based activation is for you.

What Can You Do With All These Levels?

  • Retail Store
  • Executive Lounge
  • Conference Rooms
  • Dance Floor
  • Foodery
  • Trade Show Display
  • Marketing Experience
  • Product Display
  • Anything!
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Pop Up Stores
  • Experiential Marketing Activations
  • Mobile Tours
  • Retail Activations
  • Hospitality
  • Anything!