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Leaflet Distribution

Door-to-door leaflet distribution has a wealth of advantages. Perhaps the most important factor is that it’s far more cost-effective, and indeed effective, than many traditional marketing routes. It’s a simple and affordable way to spread the word about your business, highlight a specific product or service, or even promote your values in your local area and beyond.
By choosing us, you’ll gain access to our highly sophisticated demographic profiling, which will focus your letterbox marketing campaign to ensure our leaflet distributors deliver straight to your specific target audience.
Every one of our leaflet distributors is audited by a third party to ensure continued quality throughout your campaign. We believe in providing excellent service, complete with regular updates and progress reports from our dedicated customer service team once we begin delivering your leaflets.

What do we do for you?

Target audience – we research and find out the target audience for your product and strive hard that your leaflets are distributed only among your target audience.
Quality – We believe in offering the best quality so we work honestly while distributing the leaflets. All our distributors are fully trained directly with a recruitment manager prior to starting work with the network and are closely monitored to ensure we are providing the best possible service.
Content – If you don’t have the content no need to worry we are here to help you. We have content creators who will create unique content for your leaflets.
Reporting – we provide continuous real-time reports about the progress of leaflet distribution
Location – we have a leaflet distribution service for every customer. Whether you are targeting customers at train stations, at their homes or in their offices we can setup a leaflet distribution campaign that gets you results.



How often have you intentionally avoided a leafleter, or declined a leaflet when offered? Leaflet distribution may appear easy and straightforward but in reality, getting leaflets into the right hands (your target audience) and actually read (rather than binned or stuffed into the bottom of a bag) is not as easy as it first appears. That is where Fulcrum comes in: we have a network of thousands of promotional staff, including experienced leafleting staff, who can help your leafleting campaign make a real impact!

Leaflet distribution is widely known as one of the most cost-effective and targeted methods of informing potential customers about your product or service. If executed correctly, leafleting campaigns can generate incredible results and a huge return on investment.

Leafleting staff can be booked for a range of promotional activities, some of the campaigns that Fulcrum have supported include product and store launches, competition and discount publicity, and more general brand promotion. Leaflets/flyers are an effective way to deliver key messages and information to potential or even existing customers. To read about some of the events we have staffed, click here.

We have supplied leafleting staff for renowned brands. To be most effective leaflet distribution should take place in areas with high foot traffic, commuter links such as train and bus station entrances and exits, high streets and exhibition venues are therefore popular locations.

Leafleting activity is a good promotional strategy to target university students. Here at Fulcrum, our leafleting staff are often booked to target students at peak mid-week study times or during Freshers Week, when there is the potential to interact with 1000s of students within a few hours.

Another way of distributing leaflets is by doing door-to-door drops- this can be especially effective at University halls where hundreds of students can be reached quickly. 

Drop Fulcrum an email or give us a call today to find out more about how we can support your business and staff your next leafleting campaign.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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