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Field Marketing Agency

Fulcrum’s Marketing is Delivering the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT PRICE, through the RIGHT CHANNEL, to the RIGHT AUDIENCE, at the RIGHT TIME!”


Fulcrum provides top brands with nationwide & regional Field Marketing agency, on Ground Brand Activation, and field sales support to ensure sales objectives, research and engagement is achieved at targeted customer touch points.

As the name suggests field marketing is marketing your brand’s product directly on to the field that is marketing in front of end customers. Field marketing is most common form of traditional marketing. Field marketing does not include only direct selling, it also includes collecting feedback, conducting audits, organising events to promote the brand.

Field Marketing involves providing and managing highly skilled and trained people to conduct brand-building strategic (long-term) or tactical (short-term) campaigns on behalf of clients. We provide the field marketing staff to work on our clients’ behalf and we manage them. They are known as ‘brand ambassadors’ and they are employed directly by us.


The aim behind field marketing may vary from company to company but the most common aim of field marketing is to create brand awareness, increase direct sales, or to build customer relationship.

Our Vision & Values
At Fulcrum we have a clear vision – to grow in partnership with our customers, working to common goals and sharing in success.

We can drive your brand sales through increasing awareness, sales order generation, availability & visibility at point of purchase:

Creative & Field marketing initiatives
On Field Sales Channel Support
Bespoke sales visits. Events.
Product placement. Training.
FMCG: Stock, compliance & pricing checks
Product presentation & training
Location promotions
Compliance Audits
Mystery Shopping
Retail Merchandising
Temporary Displays
POS Installation
Retail sales support visits
Direct to consumer promotions
On location training sessions
Research services – acquisition & retention
Comprehensive research. Focus groups.
Customer satisfaction surveys
Brand perception & customer satisfaction research

We also offer a range of Field Marketing Services depending on the client’s requirements, these include:

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Benefits of Field Marketing

Allow customers to see products
Provide a personal approach
Human Connections
Two-way Communication
Earn Trust and Credibility
Identifying potential customers
Demonstrate Complicated Products or Services
Build a customer base
Develop relationships
Distinguish yourself from the competition
Ensure people see your offerings
Generate demand and Generating leads
Measure success
Support market research
Use an adaptable approach
Use time effectively

Targeted Field Marketing And Field Sales Campaigns

Field Sales -Product & POS Placement

As Field Marketing Agency We offers nationwide and regional field communications to retailers and consumers. Every Campaign is bespoke, enabling you to achieve your required outcomes.

The flexibility of turning campaigns on and off as required, with a host of services is beneficial for ROI and budget management.

The range of services we can provide are best discussed directly with us, to be tailor-made to meet your own particular objectives.

Our People
Right place, right time … right people. Committed and loyal people are vital to success, so it’s important that our team feels part of the overall business.

This is a good form of marketing to create brand awareness and to convert non-users into users of your product or service.According to the product or the service we create a plan to offer demos of your product/service to the potential customers.

If the product is consumable good we offer free samples to the potentials customers and then convince them to buy your product. If the customer gets free demo he/she never rejects the offer and if they like the product they buy immediately.

If you offer a service or a non-consumable product we give the potential customers a hands on experience so that if they love the product/ service they can buy it immediately.


This name is taken form a war tactic known as guerrilla tactics where the enemies are attacked in most unexpected way. Guerrilla marketing does the same it targets the customers at the unexpected time and way surprisingly.

We have people who create catchy and unique content. Content is important in this type of field marketing. We plan and pitch customers where they expect us less. This surprise element surely works because this creates curiosity in people’s mind about the product/service.

You would be selling your zeal, emotions and passion

We will still need to spend time interacting with people, face-to-face, Street Marketing. Personal interaction is what makes the world go around…

Our street intercept program adds a creative element to your direct marketing campaign. Hand-to-hand delivery of your product or message to your target markets creates a deeper engagement with your brand resulting in greater awareness. At Fulcrum, our street teams are an extension of you. We work to promote your brand and image as if it were our own; the kind of service you deserve.

Our goal is to assist our client endeavor, to achieve their customer satisfaction by way of providing excellent services through Marketing, Market Research, Promotions, Surveys for Market Study & Online Research.

The benefit of this type of field marketing is that it can be done on a low budget, it is very cost effective and reaches a larger number of people per within a very short duration, in this short period of time where you have just a few minutes to convince the customers to take interest in your business, just a few minutes to build personal relations through five stages. By attention, interest, desire, conviction and action.  And what else do you benefit by using face to face marketing service?

We have operated On Ground Activation for many years and are excited at what Elevate can offer us in terms of strategy, channel expertise and unique people development through their affiliation with Fulcrum. 

Whether you’re looking to build awareness, drive calls or convert leads to customers, our 10+ combined years of direct marketing expertise will help you get better results. 


.This process is not directly related to selling. Retail auditing includes inspection of your product according to the criteria provided by the how the shelf is arranged in the store, where is your product placed etc.

We conduct such audits for the clients and provide them a detailed report about how their marketing material is used in the market and how their brand in represented by their promoters.

This is the form of selling where the brand representatives sell the product to the consumer directly at the point of interaction.

We organise promotional events, kiosks, door to door selling campaigns, retail marketing, face to face marketing etc where our representatives sell directly to the customers.


Apart from this we also offer a range of field marketing services depending on the client’s requirements, these include:

Feet on Street Team
Field Sales Team
Brand Awareness/Leafleting
Data capture/Providing quotes
Mystery Shopping
Logistical Support Services
Retail Staff Training

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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