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Retail Marketing

    We are a Dynamic-Retail Marketing Agency

    Fulcru is a dynamic-retail marketing agency born in tradition, fueled by innovation, and living at the intersection of commerce and imagination. Driven by a commitment to making the buy happen for global brands, Fulcum is celebrating more than three decades of reimagining retail.

    Retail reinventionists? Call us what you want, but know we’ve cultivated an unrivaled mindset of creative reinvention that keeps our insights, strategies and tactics way ahead of the curve. And we know this: when nothing is assured in retail anymore, you get to design the new reality. Let’s call it: The New Retaility. Are you ready to own it?


    We have extensive knowledge of retail marketing including shopper marketing, platform development, account-specific programs, in-store demos/sampling, merchandising, and distributor programs.

    Promotional Marketing Services

    Our complete in-house capabilities provide the following promotional marketing services:

    > Promotional Merchandise
    > Promotional Media Placement



    • Assisted Selling Programs
    • Customer Acquisition
    • In-store Sampling & Demonstrations
    • In-store Merchandising
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Roadshows and In-Store Theatre
    • Grand Openings & Grand Re-Openings
    • Field Marketing
    • Mall Marketing