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Offline Marketing

Traditional offline marketing includes the planning and management of media across out of home channels. This includes offline media planning as well as traditional advertising and promotional planning.

Your brand is more than a product or a service. It’s an experience for your consumer. Marketing plays a key role, ensuring that the promotional message that reaches your target is on par wit your brand’s look and feel.

Fulcrum has expertise working with brands to build, launch, re-launch, or re-engineer themselves for new markets, specifically those within Asia. In addition to overall marketing operations, we understand what makes a brand successful and strive to inspire in all that we create.

Fulcrum also specializes in the development of ground activation and promotional events. With respect to the hospitality and travel industry, Fulcrum also works directly with traditional travel agencies within China to develop promotional road shows and events to drive interest in a particular resort, resort or destination.

Fulcrum has a team of marketers available to consult who truly understand the local nuances of each geographic location. Extend your marketing team’s reach and understanding, allowing us to partner and work alongside your existing teams to strategize new market penetration.

Channel Strategy
Prior to launching in any new market, understanding of channels is required. Fulcrum works in a variety of markets throughout Asia and understand the ability to successfully promote your brand online and offline in each Area.

Outsource your marketing and sales

Outsource your marketing and sales operational processes. Through the use of business process outsourcing (BPO),Fulcrum has helped companies increase productivity and decrease operational costs.


Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.