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Strategy & Planning


    Developing a tailored and unique campaign strategy is key. It’s not just a reason to have another meeting or conference call. We provide unparalleled creative guaranteed to keep your brand top of mind and top of your industry.

    Marketing Strategy, Marketing Results

    Assess needs. Define goals. Set measurable solutions to ensure we meet or exceed, our stated objectives.


    This is where we really shine. This is where we separate the men from the boys and put the ‘wo’ in woman. Our strategies have strategies. Call it a road map or blueprint; whatever you call it; it makes our work work.

    • Personas & Buyer Journeys
    • Content Calendar
    • Marketing Research and Insights
    • Media Planning
    • Competitive Analysis


    for the last 10 years it has stood for innovation, energy, emotion, collaboration, diligence, imagination, and good old fashioned hard work.

    • Television
    • Radio
    • OOH
    • Print
    • Public Relations


    At Fulcrum, we’ve perfected the art of delivering ideas to the right audience in the most innovative, most effective way possible. And that, my friends, is the name of the game.

    • Media Buying
    • Demographic Strategy
    • Negotiation
    • Budget Analysis


    Hop in – the water’s fine! Seriously, digital advertising is nothing to be scared of. Let us navigate the waters for you. We’ve been riding this digital revolution wave since day one and the swell is only going to get bigger. We don’t sink or swim – we surf.
    Digital advertising is a delicate, hand-crafted blend of technical prowess and industrious creativity. It requires objectivity and honesty, with a large scoop of empathy for human emotion; the wisdom of elders administered to an audience with the attention span of a sleep-deprived toddler.

    • Paid Search Campaigns
    • Social Media Management & Advertising
    • Programmatic Advertising
    • Content Marketing
    • Website Strategy & Development
    • Email Marketing
    • Distribution Planning
    • Influencer Outreach


    We offer perspectives on your business that you can’t get elsewhere. We transform mind-numbing data into mind-blowing concepts. It takes precise moves, and dash of patience. Kind of like origami. But without the paper cuts.

    • Brand Identity
    • Logos & Taglines
    • Video Production
    Marketing Research

    We investigate and uncover pertinent information as it relates to your company, your industry, and your product or service.

    Strategic Thinking

    Once we know your measurable goal, we’ll lay out the strategy and tactics to achieve the objective.


    Your authentic message, designed to be understood in all that is delivered to the audience.

    Content Creation

    We create videos, blogs, infographics and other items that drive engagement.

    Budget Management

    We manage and actualize an annual calendar for you to ensure things are completed on time and on budget.

    Industry Trends

    We stay ahead of what is trending in the ever-changing world of marketing, as it relates to your business.

    Email Marketing & Sponsorship

    We work with you to build rapport with your audience and invest in resources with high engagement.

    Results Tracking

    We measure what is important and report with transparency, the results of each campaign.