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    Fulcrum creates advertising and digital content, plans and buys media, and produces film and video unlike any other agency, brand consultancy, digital media buying or production company by leveraging consumer insight, behavioral economics, and predictive data analytics. We’re also not afraid to use run-on sentences when needed.


    Through consumer hedonics, data trend analysis, and predictive modeling of consumer motivators, we will find you an opportunity, a target, and a message that your brand can profitably invest behind, and we can tell you how much growth to expect from the programs we build. All before we build them.


    Our talented content creators, digital designers, and video/film directors draw inspiration from their muses and their exceptional, world-class experience. They also attend and kinda dig, to be honest, rigorous data analytics presentations from our mad scientists of data and behavioral economists, so their creative choices are guided by predictive trends. Pretty cool, huh?


    We measure everything. Sales results and market trends, of course. But we also measure sales velocity by program by message by day by market. We measure every competitor, building predictive modeling tools that can, not only tell you what works, but when to pour it on and when to save your money.


    The Fulcrum Process contains nine (9) distinctive processes, which, when all elements are completed, form the basis for a complete strategic advertising plan that will bring bottom line results to your company.


    We rely on clear, constant communication to gain client insights, support goals, and exceed expectations.
    Establish Objectives
    We use a systematic approach to understand our clients’ objectives and goals from the ground up, and then develop effective marketing and advertising objectives that are definitive, clear, attainable, and produce maximum ROI.
    Evaluate Current Situation
    Brand Audit – The overall brand is what differentiates a company from its competition and is the face and voice of the company. We will immerse ourselves into your brand to determine, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
    Market Research
    We will conduct primary research with senior management, employees, existing customers and potential customers to unearth your core value. In addition, we evaluate the competition and thoroughly research and analyze the market to determine the best strategy for brand differentiation and lead generation.
    Strategic Development
    We will develop a Brand Platform that serves as a comprehensive guideline for all of your branded communications and marketing. It will consist of a Brand Positioning Statement, Brand Vision, Brand Values, Brand Promise and Brand Voice. Further, we will develop a Go-To-Market strategy that will bring measureable results.
    Creative Development
    We have mined rich creative talent to consistently deliver fresh, perceptive and innovative ideas to our clients. Our creative stands out and engages, while strengthening our clients’ brand and services.
    Quality Assurance
    We hold our work to the highest standards. From concept to proofing to production, we bring extensive attention to detail to each park of the process.
    Media Implementation
    We deliver comprehensive media plans, based on target and market insights, as well as timing, budget, and recommended media.
    A Go-To-Market strategy requires accountability with strong analytics that tell a story. ROI is as important to us as it is to our clients. We provide clear ROI within our comprehensive reports.