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Sales & Marketing Consultancy

    Sales & Marketing Consultancy

    Sales Management Process Implementation

    Salesmen are the best advertisement for most organisations. However, they can be expensive if not utilised well. Fulcrum designs and implements Customised Sales Management Processes which help to bring greater accountability in day to day activities, ensure coverage of target accounts based on priority, regulate calls through analysis of call results, etc. Most importantly, Fulcrum provides a tool to the Sales Manager as well as the Sales Person to analyse his daily, weekly, monthly activity and plan ahead.

    Product Management

    Markets are crowded with competing products. Fulcrum helps clients to differentiate products and services based on value propositions offered by key product features to different market segments. It also helps to identify niche markets where demand exceeds supply – resulting in better margin realisation.


    Pricing plays a key role in winning contracts. However, pricing needs to factor in manufacturing, distribution, sales promotion and warranty costs, as also pricing of competitive products. In addition, there often exist the complexities of bulk orders, Govt orders break through or strategic orders, pricing conflicts between direct and indirect channels, etc. These need to be addressed before arriving at a pricing fix. Fulcrum helps its customers design pricing plans which are competitive across customer segments without compromising profitability.

    Incentive Planning

    Incentives need to drive salesmen to stretch and over achieve targets. Incentives also play an important role in projecting an attractive and achievable compensation package for the sales and support teams. Fulcrum designs simple to understand and implement Incentive Schemes which help achieve the twin goals of exceeding revenue and profitability targets while helping to retain and attract productive staff.

    Service Delivery

    Service delivery can be in a capsule form or may need to be customised based on variations in the solution provided. In either case there needs to be a clear understanding of expectations and limitations between sales and marketing (Product Definition and Promises) on the one hand and delivery units (Capability) on the other. Fulcrum studies market expectations and supplier limitations to device effective Service Deliverables which ensure:

    • Management of delivery costs
    • Proper estimation of costs for future projects
    • Efficient project and manpower planning resulting in lower bench costs or avoid high cost overruns
    • Reduced revenue leakages and penalties
    • Customer faith and satisfaction
    • Repeat orders and customer referrals

    Customer Support Consultancy

    An efficient Customer Support operation starts with proper delivery. It requires a proper handover from the implementation team to the support team – in line with commitments made at the Solution Design and Sale stages. Fulcrum studies and designs processes which ensure a proper hand shake and handover between ALL internal departments – Pre Sales, Sales, Implementation and Customer Support. This ensures that the end customer sees and experiences the benefits of dealing with a Unified and Single Vendor rather than having to deal with different uncoordinated arms of the supplier. Annual Maintenance Contracts and Warranties are often the most profitable revenue streams for service providers. Fulcrum ensures that these do not bleed the service provider by factoring in cost projections and eventualities carefully. Otherwise, it can lead to crippling financial and legal penalties and a complete breakdown of relations between the customer and the service provider. Opportunities lie in building data bases and customer loyalty programs for future businesses / future product extensions. Fulcrum looks to reap the benefits of such opportunities for organisations to help them achieve solidity on both the key fronts – customer base and product sales & service.