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    We love events and we therefore love event marketing.

    Why? Because events deliver tangible, visible results and are therefore great fun to work on, even if they do tend to leave one feeling exhausted for a day or two afterwards. Exhibitions, sales conferences, trade shows, training events, seminars, product launches… they all need to be engaging and memorable. Whether corporate or creative, traditional or high tech, we’ll make sure your next event is the best yet.




    No problem, our design team will get on the case. Fancy a VR element? That’s fine – our creative technicians are here to help. Or if you simply want a smart, professional exhibition stand for a tradeshow, no problem at all – just leave it to us.

    Delivering a successful event is all about creating an engaging and memorable experience for your target market. It is about delivering key messages in bitesize chunks to achieve desired goals. Of course, a corporate party is quite different from a training event, a sales conference, or an exhibition stand at a tradeshow. Each will have quite different goals, and it’s important to recognise this so that we can create the most effective solutions and measure performance appropriately.

    That’s why the most important stage in the process is always the initial briefing, so that we understand your core objectives, the needs of your target market, the features and benefits of your products and services, the key outcomes you wish to achieve, and the budget you have available to deliver your event. As always, we also need to make sure we create a professional experience aligned with your brand proposition – both strategically and creatively.


    When developing creative concepts for an event, we normally offer up to three different ideas for you to choose from, as we find this approach tends to deliver the best possible results. At the end of the day, design is subjective. By offering different options, you will be able to cherry pick the creative themes, supporting messages and strategic ideas you like best of all. We will then develop the creative concept with your input until we achieve a design style that perfectly suits your needs.

    To our mind, event marketing needs to consider three different stages in the process to be as successful as possible – before-the-event, during-the-event, and after-the-event. The event itself is just one small moment in time – and yet, with the right strategy in place, you can build up sustained brand awareness and goodwill, generate high quality leads and develop long-lasting relationships.

    So, before the event we need to make sure you have an audience. That’s easy if they all work for you or are your suppliers, but it’s a bit trickier if they are potential customers or corporate clients.


    Don’t worry, we are seasoned pros when it comes to getting delegates to turn up. Once we’ve got enough people signed up, we’ll devise and deliver a strategy to keep them interested, so that they are as excited as possible when they turn up for the event.



    Whatever it is, we’ll make sure it meets your goals as outlined in the brief. We’ll ensure it is engaging, informative and relevant – and, what’s more, we’ll make sure it’s an enjoyable experience. No matter how serious your subject matter, people always engage better if content is delivered in an appropriate fun way. Fun doesn’t necessarily mean light-hearted either. It means that it is fit for purpose and right for the occasion. We are past masters at making this happen.

    After the event, we’ll make sure we have the opportunity to keep on talking as much as is needed to deliver your goals. Maybe we can send out a white paper or share a video or photos – or perhaps it’s just a simple thank you that’s needed. Of course, some people won’t have turned up – that’s OK, we can always send them whatever information is needed, so they know what they’ve missed out on. And then there’s the digital footprint to consider. We can create content that is hosted in the cloud (we can even create an event-specific website) and share links via email and social media to raise awareness and interest. We can even make sure it’s got SEO benefits too.


    Here are some examples of the type of event marketing we have delivered for our clients:


    • We created an interactive training event for Boots retail staff on behalf of Braun and Oral-B that received the highest possible levels of feedback
    • Our exciting and novel interactive sales conference for Virgin Holidays received the highest ever delegate scores in our first year of engagement
    • To successfully attract energy professionals to a high profile annual summit, we created an event website and marketing materials for Bloomberg
    • We created a number of spectacular events for aimed at dealership managers within their sales, parts and service divisions